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Belinda is accused by her uncle of having a relationship with three men at the same time and one was her cousin | VIDEO

Belinda She is still in the eye of the hurricane after her uncle, her father’s brother Don Ignacio Peregrín, confessed that the singer had a relationship with three at the same time, and one of them would be one of her closest relatives, she revealed to Chisme no Like ”.

Specifically with one of his cousins, this presumably long before he was with the singer of “Bottle after bottle”, Christian Nodal.

Don Fernando Peregrín, the singer’s uncle, was interviewed by the program “Gossip no like” from Madrid, where he talked about everything about his controversial family.

Despite the fact that Fernando Peregrín accused his brother of having defrauded their parents to keep 60% of the shares of the family business.

What has attracted the most attention are the statements in which he refers to the sentimental decisions of the also actress.

The uncle of the protagonist of “Accomplices to the Rescue” assured that she was having a relationship with three men at the same time.

He even revealed that one of them was the renowned plastic surgeon Ben Talei, while another was nothing more and nothing less than his cousin “Coque” Peregrín.

“When it emerged that she was with three at the same time, Jorge, Coque, my nephew, and the surgeon, so you can see what she was like, while the surgeon was in the middle of an operation, he spoke to Coque on the phone”

According to the presenter of Chisme No Like, Javier Ceriani, Belinda’s mother was one of the people who was aware of this relationship between the family.

However, she would have been upset and unsupportive when plans to marry her to Ben Talei fell through.

After he found out that he was part of a love triangle where Belinda was with two other people. At the moment the Spanish singer has not ruled on this controversy.

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