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Beauty Salon Mirrors Prices, Where to Buy

Discover some models beauty salon mirrors, prices, where to buy🇧🇷 This item cannot be missing from the environment, after all, it is through it that the customer can see the result of a haircut, makeup or hairstyle.

Beauty Salon Mirrors

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Beauty Salon Mirrors Prices, Where to Buy

The choice of beauty salon mirrors is an important factor for the decoration of this commercial environment. The format, design and color must be in harmony with the other elements that make up the look of the beauty salon, such as furniture and coating.

The appearance of the beauty salon makes the first impression on customers, so betting on decorative elements can be an excellent marketing strategy. After planning a modern and inviting facade, the beauty salon owner should be concerned with the interior design of his establishment. Remembering that all the details usually make a difference in the final aesthetic.

We selected some information about beauty salon mirrors, prices, where to buy🇧🇷 Check out:

Display mirror. (Photo: Disclosure)

Exhibitor Mirror

Improve the look of your salon with a display mirror. The price of 453.83 in 12 installments without interest or at 381.22 in cash

with 16% discount MAM store🇧🇷

Oval mirror. (Photo: Disclosure)

oval mirror

With a bold and modern design, this oval mirror accompanies a beautiful, compact console available in several colors. The price is BRL 599.00 or in 10 x 59.90 in the store Hairdresser’s Magazine🇧🇷

If you still don’t know which mirror to buy for the beauty salon, it’s worth checking out the other charming pieces from Haisan, sold by the best mirror retailers in Brazil. There are small, medium and large models that match different styles of decoration. The brand is also known for making furniture for beauty salons.

The mirror must match the environment.

Tips for choosing a beauty salon mirror

The decoration of the beauty salon needs to be beautiful visually speaking, after all, it is a space where people renew their appearance. It is important that the furniture and accessories are installed in a functional way, thus creating facilities for the hairdresser to carry out his work.

There are numerous models of mirrors for all types of environments (Photo: Disclosure)

There are several models of mirrors for beauty salons, they can be added to a piece of furniture or sold individually. This accessory, so important in the field of visagism, comes in different formats, with or without finishing on the frame. A beauty salon should not have a single mirror, it is interesting that it has at least three well distributed on the walls of the space. The mirrors, in addition to giving the impression that the environment is larger, provide better visualization for customers.

Below are some images of inspiring models. Look:

Round mirrors reign supreme in the decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

Mirrors with frames. (Photo: Disclosure)

Mirrors decorate a sober and sophisticated environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

Mirrors contributed to the layout of the hall. (Photo: Disclosure)

Enjoy the tips from beauty salon mirrors, prices, where to buy🇧🇷 If nothing seems to match your establishment, order a custom mirror from a company that specializes in this type of product. It is worth remembering that the prices above may change according to the policy of each company.

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