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beauty salon decorations

check out beauty salon decorations🇧🇷 Nothing better than going to a well-decorated, comfortable and well-planned beauty salon. Places that have a good decoration and good planning in the location of the furniture, provide well-being to customers. You don’t need to invest so much money to make your beauty salon beautiful and comfortable for your customers, just have good and creative ideas. It is possible to renew the decoration of your beauty salon by painting the walls in another color or even changing or renovating some furniture.

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Beauty salon decorations – A beauty salon should have a welcoming, pleasant and clean decor (Photo: Disclosure)

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beauty salon decorations

There are several ideas of beauty salon decorationscheck out:

  • No exaggeration when decorating your salon, few objects so as not to disturb your customers, employees and yourself traveling.
  • To increase the comfort of your customers, it is important to invest in a good TV and air conditioning to ease the heat or cold of the environment.
  • A paint color for each wall, alternating between strong colors and others not so much, can make the environment much more cheerful and alive.
  • Mirrors are essential. Try to make them as personalized as possible to your salon.
  • Bet on a textured wall. You can make it a color that goes with everything, like black.
  • If it is a men’s salon, the painting can be done in shades of blue, in the case of a unisex beauty salon, the most appropriate thing is to paint the walls in pastel tones.
  • It is important that the furniture in all objects in the environment are harmonized with each other.
  • Lighting is also an essential part of the decor, white fluorescent lamps illuminate better and use less energy.

Invest in mirrors in decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Place flowers, vases or even large, tall vases at the entrance that give the room character.
  • Magazine holders are essential and should bring modernity to the environment. Place magazines about nails, haircuts and female beauty in general, preferably all updated.
  • All the chairs in the room must follow a single color pattern, if you want to dare, you can alternate the chairs in a maximum of two colors.
  • Put a shelf in a visible place to store the products you use on customers, in addition to adding a special touch to the decor, it also shows that you trust the products you use.
  • You should only place a carpet at the entrance to the establishment, as in other places it can interfere with cleaning and the movement of employees and customers.

Capriche in lighting and opt for LED lights (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Cabinets, tables and shelves are also fundamental in a beauty salon, and should be placed at points that facilitate access to the products and materials used.
  • Don’t forget to put a drinker and thermos with coffee and/or tea. You can also invest in those little coffee machines that you put a coin in and you can choose which coffee you want, even choosing hot chocolate.

Beauty Salon Decorations Photos

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Photos speak louder than words, and although our tips are a good help for those who want decoration ideas, we separate some photos that can help you even more in deciding which decoration to choose for your beauty salon. see below Beauty Salon Decorations Photos🇧🇷

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