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beauty salon decoration

Know all about beauty salon decor – tips, photos, suggestions🇧🇷 There are many proposals to make the environment beautiful and functional, just know the main trends and put creativity into practice. There are several ideas that can be used in decoration, such as the use of a certain theme to govern the decorative elements.

Beauty salon decoration – tips, photos, suggestions. (Photo: Disclosure)

To make a good beauty salon decoration it is necessary to work with good taste and creativity. The installation in the environment needs to take into account the comfort of the clients and facilitate the work of the hairdresser and the manicurist.

Before setting the furniture🇧🇷 accessories and flooring, try to find out about the trends that are on the rise in this sector. Also set a limit to invest in the decoration of the beauty salon, without breaking the available budget.

All decoration elements need to be in perfect harmony. (Photo: Disclosure)

All the decorative elements that make up the beauty salon need to be harmoniously combined, taking into account the fact that it is a commercial environment. When drawing up the decoration project, find the balance between shapes and colors, in addition to valuing the available space.

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What this article covers:

Beauty salon decor – tips, photos, suggestions

You don’t know how to decorate your hall? So the matter “Beauty salon decor – tips, photos, suggestions” promises to help you in this task. Follow the guidelines below to create a beautiful, receptive and comfortable environment.

Use means to optimize the space, with the use of light and neutral colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

1. Take advantage of the space

When the hall has a small area, it is necessary to think about an intelligent decoration. Distribute essential furniture without harming people’s movement. Use mirrors to create a sense of spaciousness and choose a white painting for the walls of your salon. When the space has larger dimensions, it is possible to develop a more daring decoration project.

2. Bet on well-lit environments

Lighting is a fundamental factor in the beauty environment, after all, it facilitates work and makes customers more comfortable. Try working with a spotlight on the ceiling and other lighting points on shelves and furniture.

Hall decorated in black and white colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

3. Color in the right dose

Beauty salons usually present themselves with a cleaner look, to convey the idea of ​​cleanliness. Nothing prevents using colors to make the environment more cheerful, but it is necessary to get the combinations right. The tones used in furniture, accessories and coatings cannot be tiresome and must be consistent with the style.

4. Appropriate furniture

Include the basic furniture in your salon, such as chairs, sofas, recliner, gurney, sink and small cabinets. To take advantage of vertical space, install glass shelves or build a hollow bookcase with decorative cubes. It is important that the furniture in the environment favors organization and practicality.

Beauty salon with totally retro decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

5. Details that make the difference

The touches of charm and elegance make the difference in the beauty salon, as is the case with the plants and some images distributed on the walls. For example, if the environment is exclusively for women, you can bet on details in pink or lilac colors that indicate femininity. Photos of women with well-groomed hair are recurrent in beauty salons, but you can innovate with a simpler and more sophisticated proposal.

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Do you want more tips? Then watch a video about beauty salon architecture:

beauty salon pictures

Enjoy the ideas of beauty salon decor – tips, photos, suggestions🇧🇷 Get to know the main innovations in the sector and invest in creating a charming environment.

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