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Beach Wedding Decor: Do It Yourself!

Check out tips from beach wedding decor: do it yourself🇧🇷 Those planning to get married this year can organize a beautiful outdoor ceremony, with the sea, sand and sunset as a backdrop. Read the article and see some creative and charming ideas.

Beach Wedding Decor: Do It Yourself! (Ilustrative Photo)

Many couples even dream of having an unforgettable beach wedding. However, they are afraid of spending too much on preparations, especially on decoration. It is possible, however, to organize a beautiful and charming event, betting on simple and easy-to-execute ideas.

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What this article covers:

Beach Wedding Decor: Do It Yourself!

World of Tribes has mined some cool ideas from beach wedding decor: do it yourself🇧🇷 Look:

rustic elements

The rustic style perfectly matches the beach wedding. To enhance it, you can bet on wooden furniture, dry branches, jute, bamboo and even straw.

Valuing nature

Beach weddings should make the most of the elements of nature, such as flowers, sand, dry branches, wood and even dry leaves. The path to the altar, for example, can be marked with rose petals.

Find ways to value nature through decoration.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Find ways to value nature through decoration. (Ilustrative Photo)

custom details

One way to make your wedding unique and memorable is by paying attention to the details. Use welcome signs, recycled centerpieces, banners, flowers, among other simple personalized elements that make all the difference in the decor.

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Light and soft colors

Beach wedding calls for lighter, softer and refreshing colors. Among the tones most used to decorate this type of event, it is worth noting: blue, green, white, lilac, beige and light pink.

explore the theme

The beach atmosphere can be the theme of the ceremony and the wedding party. To make the most of it, it is worth incorporating elements such as shells, starfish and corals. The result will be a refreshing and sophisticated composition.

Leave the decor with a personal touch.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Leave the decor with a personal touch. (Ilustrative Photo)


The tent is an element that cannot be missing in the decoration of a beach wedding. It will be the perfect covered space for guests to shelter from the sun or rain. The structure is even more beautiful when decorated with light and flowing fabrics.

lamps or torches

Beach lighting for the wedding can be elaborate with lit torches or lamps. These elements create strategic points of light and even mark the bride’s path down the aisle.

pending arrangements

The pending arrangements make the beach even more charming to host the wedding. The bride and groom can, for example, place colorful flowers in glass bottles and create an incredible decoration in the heights. These ornaments can also be used as a centerpiece.

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