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Beach wedding colors

Some brides are willing to escape the traditional, so they invest in different wedding scenarios. The beach is a great option for couples who want a light, charming and relaxed ceremony.

The beach wedding goes well with soft colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

O beach wedding it requires planning, otherwise the event will not turn out as the bride dreamed so much. It is necessary to hire services in advance, think about decoration, attractions, souvenirs, among other factors.

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What this article covers:

Beach wedding: indicated colors

For set the decor, the flower arrangements, the invitations and the treats that will be given to the guests, the bride and groom must first choose the main colors of the wedding. The definition of tones is able to enhance the personality of the couple and also the style of the event.

Check below the beach wedding colors🇧🇷

Pastel shades: the use of these colors leaves the wedding scene with a more romantic, simple and delicate atmosphere.

White: this neutral and light color is perfect for the beach ceremony🇧🇷 In addition to representing purity, it also adds a touch of sophistication through flowers and fabrics.

Green: elements in this color help exalt nature and enhance the atmosphere of a wedding by the sea.

Blue: the different shades of blue make a strong reference to the sea, which is why they usually combine with the ceremony on the beach.

Strong colors make the wedding decor more cheerful. (Photo: Disclosure)

Yellow: this warm tone helps to leave the wedding with a more cheerful decoration and vibrant. A tip for working with color is the use of sunflowers.

Orange: this warm color is imposing, strong and full of personality. She will definitely reflect the happiness of the bride and groom and create a modern mood.

Tips for a beach wedding

Check out the following tips for organize a beach wedding🇧🇷

• The day of the wedding on the beach can be hampered by unexpected rain, so it’s worth keeping a cover to accommodate the guests;

• City Hall needs to sign a permit for the wedding ceremony to take place on the beach. Payment of a fee may also be required;

White contributes to a light and romantic decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A wedding held on the beach sand requires a complete structure, with furniture, sound and light equipment, in addition to decoration items;

• Before choose a beach for the weddingit is important to find out about the intensity of the winds and tides;

• If it’s difficult to organize a outdoor beach weddingthe bride and groom can opt for a hotel by the sea;

• Working with maritime elements in the decoration is a great idea to customize.

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