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Beach fashion 2023: find out which bikinis and swimsuits are in season

Beach fashion 2023 is super strong, bringing out the most stylish and trendy bikinis of the season.

The pieces that carry the summer 2023 colors are also super hot and fresh, as this time of year demands. And of course we have many foreign references in these pieces full of style and versatility.

Find out which are the key pieces of beach fashion 2023

And to stay on top of which bikini models we’ll see the most this summer, we handpicked the selection of beachwear trends 2023, with the favorite models of bikinis and swimsuits of the season. Check out:

animal print bikini

Animal print is always inhowever, a new print is on the rise this season, and they are bikinis in “patterned” print, or the so-called cow print.

This print has been very popular in recent seasons in international fashion shows, appeared on the catwalks and is all over beachwear, considering that the print also appears on skirts, dresses, blouses and other pieces. So it’s worth investing!

Another very popular print element is the “zebrinha” print. The most popular models are the top style or even the classic strapless and bodysuits or bathing suits (all with this powerful print).

Curtain bikini with different ties

The old and well-known curtain bikini can and should be seen a lot in beach fashion 2023, but with a touch beyond stylish and modern.

The final “fashion” now is to use your curtain bikini with different “ties”, for example, crossing the two parts to tie around the neck, creating an “x” shape when tying the piece.

In other tying ideas, it is also possible to tie the bikini straps to the belly, making the look more “style”.

lace bikini

You know that very utilitarian bikini model, but with a very different and reinvented design, it’s the lace bikini, that is, that modeling in which the top (more like a top, which you tie with a knot, in the form of a bow).

This bikini modeling is a 2 in 1, that is, you can use it both on the beach as a bikini or as a “cropped top blouse”. Without a doubt a concept, very stylish.

high waist bikini

If you are that type of woman who likes to “hide her belly”, know that the perfect fit for you is hot pants, with a higher waist.

After all, this bikini modeling will literally “girdle” you, shape the body, hide the belly and even many models have very stylish tops, which make the composition even more beautiful and super trendy.

Butterfly print bikini

If you ask about a print that will be super successful (for different pieces) and in beach fashion 2023, this print is butterflies. After all, those who haven’t seen the stamping boom go on the rise haven’t lived through the last few years, since 2020.

In which countless gringo “its girls” brought up the butterfly print in different looks, decorative elements and even accessories. So when you see some beautiful blue butterflies on the print of bikinis, know that the item is on trend this season, and will remain high for a long time.

tie-dye bikini

Remember that the tie-dye print has been on the rise for about 3 years, where at the height of the pandemic the print began to pop up in the customizations of the biggest bloggers on Instagram (who even customized sneakers, blouses and even bags with the print handmade).

However, tie-dye is not just a way to make the pieces more stylish, after all, art is also on the rise in beachwear 2023, when it comes to swimsuits and bikinis.

Cropped t-shirt x bikini bottom

Yes, incredible as it may seem in beach fashion 2023, we saw at least many gringa girls doing some daring combinations when it comes to beachwear, and the most “different” of them is wearing an ordinary short shirt, with the bottom of any bikini.

The bet leaves the look very jovial and cool. As we can see in the 2023 beach fashion inspirations. The bet is still ideal to make your beach composition more customized and escape the traditional pattern.

strappy swimsuit

It is quite usual to see some models of “swimsuits” that are more fashionable, with straps and elements in the print. However, the 2023 beachwear swimsuit has a sexier appeal than ever, after all, the straps look more like “cutouts” that adorn the fit and make the look much prettier and more modern.

Hot pant bikini, with one-sleeve cropped top

This bikini model is super elegant and serves so much to make the 2023 swimwear look more “chic”, as it looks beautiful with cover-ups.

How much to innovate in bikinis, since the top part of the bikini looks more like a cropped blouse, than a bikini itself.

Colorful Bikinis

Remember that prints with a tropical theme and with a more colorful and “cool” feel are also other elements that go well with the sunny summer air, and of course, they will be in trend, also in this 2023 beachwear season.

Therefore, abuse modeling with moorings, beach cover-ups, elements with colorful accessories and of course, a bikini with a colorful, tropical and fresh print also makes this list.

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