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be dazzled by one of the best destinations in Europe

Very likely, Krakow is not going to be the most obvious answer when talking about lists of cities as the best destinations to visit in Europe.

But the truth is that for three consecutive years it was considered the best destination city ​​break among 43 European cities??

The vote, in a survey carried out by Which?, addressed central questions such as tourist attractions?? food and drink?? accommodationaccessibility, value for money and ‘little fuss’.

And it is on the first three factors that we focus this article on the city that ranked first on a list that placed seville and Valence in second and third places, respectively.

What to visit in Krakow

The city of Kraków, a four-hour drive from the Polish capital, Warsaw, is divided into several zones. The main ones are Stare Miasto (Old City), the center of the city; Kazimierzhistoric Jewish area and now a neighborhood with a lot of student movement; podgorzean inseparable part of the history of World War II.

Still away from the city, but probably closer than any other tourist town, is the Auschwitz Concentration Camp1h30 by car.

What is one of the main – if not the main – landmark of memory of the atrocities committed by the Nazi forces and a major instrument in the Holocaust, turns out to be an unavoidable visit in the region.

The epicenter of the genocide that claimed around 6 million victims was this set of concentration camps, where experiments involving the extermination of, mostly, Jews were carried out.

The trip to Auschwitz can be done in a group, with buses leaving from the center of Kraków, or individually. In any case, common sense is advised at all times of the visit, as this is not a tourist attraction but an indelible historical landmark.

auschwitz concentration camp
The infamous Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz

Market Square (Rynek Glowny)

Located in the nerve center of Stare Miasto, this is the epicenter of Krakow’s cosmopolitan life. With the dimension of 40 thousand square metersthere is literally room for anything to happen in this square!

In addition to the numerous cafes, restaurants and bars, you can also appreciate the Gothic architecture in some of the city’s best known monuments, such as the Basilica of Santa Maria (Kościoł Mariacki).

Wawel Castle

Very close to the center and built on a hill on the north bank of the Vistula River, Wawel Castle is one of the most visited places in Krakow. Before entering, enjoying the view over the city is a must.

Within the also known as Krakow Castle, you can appreciate the marks of history that make this monument so unique. Successively destroyed by the force of events, it now stands recovered and inviting.

Oskar Schindler’s Factory

Inseparable landmark of the history of Occupied Poland and also of the cinematographic archive related to World War II.

THE Schindler’s List it has become a classic of the seventh art and many of the visitors do not hesitate to want to know more about Oskar Schindler.

Even for those who haven’t seen the film, this is an obligatory stop on the cultural and historical journey that is Kraków.

Wieliczka Salt Mines

Just over half an hour from Kraków is, underground, one of the wonders of Poland. It is no coincidence that the Wieliczka Salt Mines have been considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1978.

With one depth which registers the 327 meters, there is a lot to see under the ground. Above all, the sculptures in salt, such as the Chapel of St. kingaand underground lakes.

Salt mines in Krakow
The spectacular chapel inside the Wieliczka salt mines

Restaurant Pod Zlotym Karpiem

Food themed restaurant goose, with exemplary presentation and service! This is the place to go if you want to immerse yourself in the local gastronomy with a touch of refinement, thanks to the unique decoration of the space.

Garden Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Krakow according to specialized websites. Visiting this house is a true delight! the food is International but always made with regional flavors. The primacy in the presentation of the dishes as well as the space are another business card!


Because there is not always time to eat calmly, this Vegan is a great solution for anyone who wants to eat well and fast! Restaurant reviews are an excellent sign of the quality and freshness of the vegetables!

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metropolitan boutique hotel

Less than 1 kilometer from the Market Square and Wawel Castle, this is one of the most requested hotel units, both for its location and for the quality of service and materials.

Per night, it can cost between 150 and 250 euros, for two, with breakfast included.

Center Apartments-Old Town

Also very close to the city center – 400 meters away – this set of apartments spread across Kraków can accommodate up to 4 people with the advantage of being able to cook in some of them.

The price per apartment depends on the capacity and characteristics of the choice, but the most expensive does not exceed 150 euros per night, for four.

Aparthotel Globus Kraków

On a more economical level but with an equally excellent location, this aparthotel is in the charismatic Jewish quarter of Kazimierz. As such, it is both close to the historic Remuh Synagogue and Wawel Castle.

A night for two at the Globus Kraków usually costs 100 euros.

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