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Be careful, this is how they can scam you when you report your stolen IMEI • ENTER.CO

Unfortunately, thefts in Colombia continue to increase, where the objects that present the most theft are cell phones. But, to have an exact number of thefts and have convincing evidence to go against the thieves, it is essential that the victims make the respective report of both the cell phone and the IMEI.

When a cell phone theft occurs, the victim usually chooses to register the theft through the police page, but this is not enough. It is necessary to report the stolen SIM card to the corresponding operator and, what few do and know: report the IMEI of the stolen cell phone. By performing these actions, the thieves will not be able to access your personal information, or use the stolen phone inside or outside the country.

What is the IMEI? This is a code that each cell phone has, it is unique and unrepeatable; is responsible for uniquely identifying the phone. Said like this, if you report the IMEI, even if it is unlocked, it will not work anywhere in the world. Now, how to report the stolen IMEI? If at this time, you enter the search in Google, the first result will be a page called IMEI Colombia.

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At the top there is a ‘start’ button, the most logical thing is to enter there. You will see that it takes you to a form, where you will have to enter an email account and a password, something normal on any page. However, you will see that after entering this data, the page asks you to use a credit card in order to activate it. Why is a credit card needed to report a stolen IMEI?

Be careful, this is a scam. When reviewing the page with a magnifying glass, it can be determined that you are not registering to report the IMEI of your cell phone, but that you are accessing a streaming service. That is, you are contracting a service to watch movies, series, music, etc. The truth is that it is part of the advertising of the page, however, this page is not official. The only way to report a stolen IMEI is by contacting your mobile operator directly.

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