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Bayonetta 3 arrives on the Nintendo Switch on October 28 • ENTER.CO

A new trailer for Bayonetta 3 gives us a release date and, more importantly, new details of this adventure that awaits us in October.

Okay. The plan this October is no longer to go trick-or-treating or dress up, but it’s time to turn on the Switch and do one of those delicious Bayonetta marathons. Through a new trailer Nintendo confirmed that Bayonetta 3, the new entry of the game, will land on the new generation of consoles.

The new story description for Bayonetta 3 reads as follows: “In this third installment of the Bayonetta series, the unstoppable Umbra Witch must join forces with some familiar faces, the mysterious Viola, and a host of other Bayonettas to prevent the created homunculi from destroying her. by humans wreak havoc.”

The preview also gave us some new details of what we can expect from its gameplay. For example, the new Demon Masquerade ability that had already been slightly shown in the 2021 trailer. What this new technique allows is that Bayonetta can temporarily fuse with the demons that he summons. During this time, he acquires new combos and powers.

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The preview also showed us that this new adventure will allow us to meet new Bayonettas within the universe. This, while you travel the world and find allies on your quest “as you fight through the streets of Tokyo, the mountains of China and beyond! Along the way, he discovers if this arcane alliance can truly save humanity, and what fate awaits this group of Bayonettas.”

Not only this, but you also get the chance to control someone else, with the ability to play as Viola, the witch-in-training “who is ready to unleash hell on the homunculi with her sword and her wayward companion, the feline demon.” Cheshire.”

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