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Bathrooms with wallpaper

When choosing wallpaper for your home, you choose a standard of living. Washrooms, unlike bathrooms, can be wallpapered due to low humidity, since there is no shower. A place for visitors. Therefore is it worth investing in decoration and impress.

What this article covers:

Smooth wallpaper applied to all walls. (photo: publicity)

One of the great facts of decoration is that it reflects the style of the owner of the house, therefore, when choosing wallpaper, what is shown is the taste of the owner.

A good choice can lift your decor in the same way that a bad choice can ruin a beautiful job, so it’s always good to be careful, trying to be bold, not to fall into tacky.

A good choice can lift your decor. (photo: publicity)

Washrooms are intimate spaces, despite being mainly dedicated to visitors, therefore, taking care that the elegance established by design continue with a beautiful wallpaper is essential. The big secret lies in being authentic, daring and, when in doubt, ask for advice from an interior decorator or designer, after all, nothing better than a professional to create a luxurious and stylish environment.

Washrooms are intimate spaces, despite being mainly dedicated to visitors. (photo: publicity)

Bright colors tend to be a good choice., but the whole secret is in the print. Be different, don’t use the same wallpaper as other rooms, create a special atmosphere.

Floral prints can be a good choice, but beware of heavily loaded designs. In this case, it’s better to apply the paper only to one wall, but you’ll always hit it with geometric prints or stripes, especially with subtle color differences, creating a beautiful tone-on-tone effect.

Where to find wallpapers

Beautiful floral wallpaper. (photo: publicity)

Wallpapers are easily found In decoration and coating stores, you can take advantage of and see the entire portfolio available to choose what you like best.

On the website: https://www.papeiseparede.com.br/22/papel-de-parede-para-banheiro, you can access models of specific wallpapers for the bathroom, as well as prices. For example, the floral model costs R$ 74.90(m), the wood model costs R$ 74.99(m), a very affordable price for those interested.

The big secret is to be authentic. (photo: publicity)

The Decor Salteado store whose website: http://www.decorsalteado.com/2014/03/lavabos-decorados-veja-dicas-e-mais-de.html, has several tips on incredible models to decorate the bathroom.

If you can’t find the wallpaper you want in specialized stores, don’t worry, an incredible solution is the wallpaper known as “lambe-lambe”. The creation of these wallpapers depends only on you, just save the desired print and take it to a print shop, asking them to be printed in heavyweight offset, with varnish coverage. It may be a little more expensive than the traditional option, but you gain in originality and exclusivity.

Wallpapers are easily found in decoration and coating stores. (photo: publicity)

And then? Did you like the tips? Remember that to decorate you always need personality, style and a little daring to try new things and common sense. With these ingredients you can create amazing environments.

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