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Bathroom ideas and photos 2017

At bath rooms are making success in home decoration. After a stressful and busy day, nothing better than enjoying a long shower in this type of environment. Instead of limiting yourself to a small and purely functional bathroom, you can bet on a bathroom at home, that is, a perfect environment for peace, intimacy and recollection.

A sophisticated bathroom. (Photo: Reproduction/Housely)

The bathroom is a sophisticated, cozy space that has a guaranteed place in luxurious mansions. It would be an ordinary large bathroom, if it weren’t for the hot tub and so many decorative elements that transform the environment into a private spa.

What this article covers:

bathroom decorating ideas

Everyone deserves a few minutes alone with themselves, to rest their minds and replenish their energies. In the bathroom, this is possible, not least because the hot tub, the warm lighting, the potted plants and even the ambient sound represent a true invitation to relax.

The shower room is perfect for relaxing.  (Photo: Playback/Freshome)

The shower room is perfect for relaxing. (Photo: Playback/Freshome)

There are a myriad of projects from bathroom, who usually look for luxury and comfort in every detail. The decoration of the space, in turn, depends on the style of the residents and the available budget.

See below photos, ideas of bathroom trends🇧🇷

modern bath room

The modern shower room is a real oasis indoors. It combines, in a single environment, a series of elements that help you relax, such as a hydromassage bath, sauna, TV and even comfortable armchairs. Items such as curtains, paintings and sculptures are welcome in the space.

Modern shower room.  (Photo: Reproduction/Godfatherstyle)

Modern shower room. (Photo: Reproduction/Godfatherstyle)

Some engineering companies are proposing intelligent solutions for luxurious bathrooms, such as toilets with microchips, which play music and also light up in the dark. Exotic, isn’t it?

rustic bath room

Rustic bathroom.  (Photo: Playback/Houzz)

Rustic bathroom. (Photo: Playback/Houzz)

The rustic-style shower room has a slightly different footprint than the modern room. It values ​​the elements of nature a lot, so it has vases of flowers, a wooden hot tub and a large window, which favors the entry of natural light.

small bath room

The shower room is much more than a bathroom.  (Photo: Playback/Houzz)

The shower room is much more than a bathroom. (Photo: Playback/Houzz)

When the bathroom is small, some decorating tricks must be put into practice to make the most of the space. Glass embellishments and large mirrors make the space feel larger, as do the oversized white porcelain tiles.

Integrated bath room

The integration of environments is a trend in contemporary architecture, including when it comes to bathrooms. The idea is to integrate the space with another room, such as an office, bedroom or even a closet. Privacy can be a little compromised, but there are ways to optimize it, such as installing frosted glass or curtains.

Integrated bathroom.. (Photo: Reproduction/Anualdesign)

Integrated bathroom.. (Photo: Reproduction/Anualdesign)

What’s up? Liked the ideas of bathroom🇧🇷 Leave a comment telling us what you think. If you are going to set up this environment at home, remember to hire an architect to create a beautiful and functional project.

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