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Baskets for Valentine’s Day: tips, surprises, how to prepare

Read the article “Baskets for Valentine’s Day: tips, surprises, how to prepare” and find out how to make a beautiful gift for June 12th. Your sweetheart will be very happy to be presented with a gift, especially if the basket has all the goodies he likes to taste and passionate treats.

Baskets for Valentine’s Day: tips, surprises, how to prepare. (Photo: Disclosure)

To prepare baskets for Valentine’s Day, you can use creativity to compose a gift with several tasty breakfast ingredients. You can even put together a basket of chocolates with bonbons, cookies and other delicious foods. The decoration is made with simple items that can be bought in stationery stores and you can even complement the basket with a gift or a beautiful card.

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Baskets for Valentine’s Day: tips, surprises, how to prepare

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How to prepare the basket?

How about putting together a laced basket to gift your love. (Photo: Disclosure)

To prepare a basket for Valentine’s Day, you can choose what your love likes best for breakfast. Another option is to order the ready-made basket and have it delivered to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s house, but for those who want to see the person’s reaction to receiving the treat, it is best to deliver the product in person.

Product selection

The tips for making baskets are to choose quality products that please your partner. If it is a breakfast basket, you should include bread rolls, savory or sweet biscuits, cream cheese, fruit, juice, coffee or chocolate milk and cold cuts. If the basket contains chocolates, put bonbons from brands such as Nestlé, Garoto and Lacta, finer chocolates, Bis-type biscuits, chocolate bars, cupcakes, cookies and wafers.

Select products thinking about the preferences of the loved one. (Photo: Disclosure)

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basket assembly

In addition to the food, you should also buy the basket, which can be made of straw or wicker, crepe paper or straw to place at the bottom of the basket, as well as transparent or colored cellophane paper to cover the basket. To top off the gift, buy ready-made satin ribbons or bows at stationery stores.

Use straw or crepe paper to place at the bottom of the basket, distribute the food, close with transparent cellophane. If desired, also line the bow of the basket with ribbon and finish with a bow.

Capriche in the packaging. (Photo: Disclosure)

surprise ideas

Making a surprise breakfast basket for Valentine’s Day can be an alternative to the gift offered on June 12th. Have the basket delivered to your lover’s address or the place where he works. Don’t forget to make a pretty card or a romantic letter.

Be creative to surprise your love. (Photo: Disclosure)

Any creative output will make the Valentine’s Day basket more interesting, so it’s worth betting on some fun treats, such as a personalized mug, massage pillow or chocolate champagne glasses. Suddenly, including aphrodisiac foods is also a way to cause surprise and ensure a warmer celebration. Anyway, use your creativity to make the basket even more special.

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