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Basic wardrobe spring 2023 – we list 13 useful basic items

There are a few favorite pieces that never go out of style – that will always stand strong and form a stable base in your wardrobe. We have listed the season’s most important garments.

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If you don’t have a basic wardrobe that you enjoy, it’s high time to start building it now! With a so-called capsule wardrobe, you always have something to wear, and the basics are also a perfect base to wear your trendier purchases with. We have collected our 13 favourites.

The straight jeans

A pair of classic jeans will go with just about EVERYTHING in your wardrobe. Right now, we like to invest in a pair in a straighter model, which both gives you style points and is less warm than a pair of skinny jeans when the spring sun starts to really warm us.

The timeless sunglasses

No spring without sunglasses, or what do you say? If you are one of those who easily lose, or perhaps put on, their trinkets, it may be a good idea not to purchase a couple of expensive trinkets for several thousand.

The white shirt

A classic white shirt will never (and we mean never!) go out of style.

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The midi skirt in satin

Airy, easy to match and SO stylish – what more could you ask for? This wardrobe favorite goes just as well with sandals or sandals as it does with chunky boots. A real cut, in other words!

A dress in a classic model

A stylish blazer dress will suit just as well in the office as it will on spring outdoor parties. Choose one in one of spring’s bright shades for extra style points!

The v-neck cardigan

One of spring’s trendiest garments is the v-necked cardigan, and most of all we wear it in the season’s trendy colors beige, white or pastels such as pink, yellow and blue. In addition, it will work for many seasons to come!

The bright coat

As we move towards brighter times, we want our wardrobes to do the same. A beige coat is easier to keep clean than an all-white one and is at least as stylish. In addition, it fits just as well in autumn!

The timeless T-shirt

Because yes – a well-fitting t-shirt is actually a wardrobe must-have. We at Metro Mode love style clashes, and a stylish blazer or suit trousers with the more relaxed T-shirt gives just the right look (and is also SO comfortable!).

Classic blazer

A must in the wardrobe is the blazer. The charm of the blazer is that it can be varied endlessly. It can be worn open, closed, without anything underneath, with a belt at the waist, over the shoulders, under the jacket, with a t-shirt, yes, the list goes on. But one thing is certain is that with a single blazer you can create countless outfits – and you like that, chameleons in the wardrobe.

Classic loafers

A pair of flat shoes is a must in the spring wardrobe! They are the savior in need during the transition period before warm spring finally makes its entrance!

White sneakers

Sneakers are a given feature in almost all basic wardrobes nowadays, regardless of age and style!

Timeless bag

A timeless bag is a must in everyone’s wardrobe! One of our favorites is this one from Little Liffner.

The dress with ruffles

The last basic garment is perhaps something unexpected – but surely we want something that makes an impression? A lovely dress model with ruffles – and the best part is that it can be worn with just about anything. Exactly the quality we want in our basic garments!

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