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Basic wardrobe: Build the perfect wardrobe with basics in classic style

Invest in the key pieces that unlock the wardrobe. We have selected timeless classics that never go out of fashion – and that will save you from future clothing crises.

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The base wardrobe is our everyday uniform and the garments we undoubtedly spend the most time in. Yet we often spend the least amount of money on our base garments. You can’t cook soup on a stick – but with a well-stocked pantry with basic items, you can throw together a dish in no time. The same goes for the wardrobe.

Without a functional basic wardrobe, the end result is often spur-of-the-moment mistakes that are used once. Therefore, it is smartest to build a basic wardrobe in a classic style that will last a long time.

You need these items for a perfect basic wardrobe:

  • a white shirt
  • black suit pants
  • a black blazer
  • a cashmere or wool blend sweater
  • a pair of classic jeans
  • the little black one
  • leather jacket
  • a white and a black t-shirt
  • sneakers, a pair of classic black pumps
  • a black leather bag.
  • a long dress

That’s how you get started with the basic wardrobe

First things first: clear out the old. Tear out the entire closet and make a list. How many white t-shirts do you have? When do your clothing crises occur? What is missing? Before you start building your new basic wardrobe, you should have answered questions like these.

Does it feel sad to spend money on the basic wardrobe? Make a simple equation – PPA, price per use. How often do you actually wear the hysterical top, compared to the white shirt? If you invest in timeless basic garments of good quality and material, you can use the classic garments season after season, and the price per use will then often be lower than many other garments.

The same goes for jewelry – invest in personal signature jewelry. They don’t have to cost the shirt, but skip the knick-knacks that discolor and break. Opt for a classic style that works for most occasions.

Below you will find the basic items that you can wear for a long time to come!

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