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bartending at wedding tips

bartending at wedding tips🇧🇷 Many people look for the Bartender service for the wedding ceremony and/or party for bringing charm and sophistication to these events. With personalized drinks for bride and groom and guests, and cocktails (with or without alcohol) of all kinds, these professionals liven up the party and bring quality entertainment with various services such as juggling with bottles, ice and cocktail shakers, pirofagia (differentiated fireworks suitable for indoors and outdoors), bar magic, choreographies, dance and performance. With tables decorated with silverware, glass, a variety of fruits, juices, spirits and liqueurs, your wedding will be elegant and sophisticated and, above all, in the memory of your guests forever.

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Bartender at wedding tips – The bartender is an attraction that makes the difference and makes your event even more spectacular (Photo: Disclosure)

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bartending at wedding tips

Just like decoration and food, drinks are also very important at a wedding. Because in addition to sharing a special moment with acquaintances, friends and family, it is also one of the goals of the bride and groom to please their guests. Wedding drinks are more than a simple complement to the meal, they dictate the pace and duration of the event, as they are not restricted to one moment, they will be present at all times of the reception. check below Bartending at Wedding Tips:

A great benefit of hiring a bartender is that, being more experienced, the professional can also help with planning regarding quantity, where to buy, how to store and even how to cool whatever is necessary.

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Bartenders at weddings prepare drinks and can also do numbers with pyrophagy (Photo: Disclosure)

When deciding on the cocktail menu, a very valid tip is to evaluate the season of the year, to choose drinks that combine with the cold or the heat, according to the time of the event. Depending on the level and style of the event, in the case of larger ones, it is worth hiring a team of bartenders with a full bar.

Wedding drinks range from water – essential – to juices and soft drinks, for children and guests who prefer to abstain from alcohol. And the alcoholic beverages normally present are champagne, the traditional wine (red, rosé or white), the hottest, such as whiskey (whiskey, if you prefer), vodka, rum, cognac, etc. In addition to liqueurs and the popular beer. As there are several options for drinks, with or without alcohol, and the choices of games as well, this causes the price of the Bartender service to vary a lot.

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Bartenders must be able to prepare and create drinks.

The recommendations of the Instituto de Hospitalidade determine that the bartender in activity must have prior knowledge of etiquette standards for serving drinks, as well as mastering the requirements of their function and knowing the basic principles of oenology and wine service, as well as their types , classification and techniques for preparing and serving drinks and beverages.

Differences between Bartender and Bartender

Drinks are present at the cocktail hour, lunch or dinner, during the dance break and, of course, at the time of the bride and groom’s toast. (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to checking bartending at wedding tips, it is important to understand the difference between the two professions Bartender and Bartender. Many confuse the term Bartender with Bartender, there is a significant difference between the two professions. Bartender is the term used for a professional, regardless of gender, who prepares drinks and cocktails with or without juggling bottles, cocktail shakers, pyrophagy, bar magic, choreography, dancing, etc. The Barman means man from the bar, and this man has the function of serving the guests different drinks, with the same wisdom as the Bartender but without the performance shows during his service.

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