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Bárbara de Regil shows off her toned figure while exercising in a pink mini-bikini

Barbara de Regil demonstrated once again that she does not care what is said about her and as shown by the series of videos in which she appears showing off her statuesque silhouette in a bikini and from the gym in tight sportswear.

Although she rose to fame for her talent as an actress, the protagonist of the series ‘Rosario Tijeras’ has also managed to take advantage of her popularity on social networks, becoming one of the most praised influencers for the spectacular silhouette she has achieved after several years. dedication, discipline and passion for the world fitness.

However, she has also been the victim of constant criticism not only for sharing advice to achieve a heart attack figure, as she recently faced a new scandal when she was singled out by her colleagues from the soap opera ‘Cabo’, who called her racist, classist, toxic and even invented.

That is why he had to come out to defend himself against the accusations, assuring that it is only “gossip”, because in reality everything depends on who tells the story.

I am not a gold coin and I am always myself. I do not like to look good with anyone who does not vibrate me, “she replied in the Instagram stories, where she added that she does not always manage to match up with her colleagues, because”not everyone exercisesnot everyone takes acting so seriously, not everyone uses drugs”, and although she does not consume them, she prefers to hang out only with those who have things in common “and if the others speak badly, no way”.

Despite the scandals in which it has been involved, Bárbara de Regil also uses her social networks to show off her statuesque silhouettebeing one of the most recent the collection of images that he shared on TikTok with which he ended up showing off his exercised silhouette while having fun dancing and enjoying one of his greatest passions: demanding workouts.

That is why he was seen doing some exercises, but on this occasion while wearing a skimpy pink bikini with which he assured that his life is complemented with fun, but also with healthy habits.

While, in another short video, she showed off her curves from behind and wearing a gray short sports outfit.

“Yor when I see myself in the gym mirror“Was the phrase with which he accompanied the images that have exceeded half a million views.

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