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Bárbara de Regil has a radical change of look

Barbara de Regil surprised her daughter with her change of look.

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The Mexican actress Bárbara de Regil has started this 2023 with a radical change of look, she cut her long and bulky hair. Part of her attractiveness was precisely her long hair, which has given her a personality in the different roles she has played in recent years.

Through an Instagram post, De Regil shared how the process of his change was in a video. The millions of fans who follow the actress welcomed her transformation. For years they got used to seeing Barbara with long hair..

Despite the fact that the 35-year-old Mexican herself was reluctant to get rid of her hair, when she saw the final result, she was satisfied, mentioning at the bottom of the video: “I feel amazing with this change”. The interpreter Miranda in ‘Ni tú ni yo’ added: “I realize how easy it is to deceive in networks, you think that the lives of others are perfect and that everything is happiness and not”.

Barbara added that although she liked the result, she must adapt, precisely because for years she kept her hair quite long, but well cared for. For this reason, she said: “It’s hard for me to have such short hair, I’m not going to lie, I’m never going to lie, nor am I going to tell you wow such a drastic change in look and I feel brutal.”

In the video you can see the reaction of the actress’s daughter, who by her expression does not believe that her mother cut her hair, she even puts one of her hands to her face as a sign of surprise. In the clip it can be seen that her cut was deep, since the length of her hair reached her waist, with the final result a hair a few centimeters below the shoulders.

In the Instagram post, he also added: “I fell asleep thinking… Barbara, the haircut doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if you have stretch marks on your buttocks and boobies, crooked teeth, bunions. What matters to me is who I am, what you give to others, what matters is that I am always myself and I have peace in my heart.

According to the protagonist of ‘Rosario Tijeras’, the cut was due to labor issues, so that in her next roles and performances, her followers will be able to see the actress with this new style, which makes her look younger than she appears.

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