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Bárbara de Regil exposes her shapely figure while training with white mini shorts

Barbara de Regil He continues to show that at 36 he has a silhouette of a heart attack, but as further proof of this, he shared a video on his social networks in which he appears training, but what definitely ended up attracting attention was the tiny garment he used. And it is that, again she turned her back to the camera while wearing tight shorts that highlighted her curves to the maximum.

After the success she achieved in Mexico with her first leading role on Televisa with the telenovela ‘Cabo’, Bárbara de Regil accepted a new project that she is very excited about, it is the series ‘Pacto de sangre’, although for this she had to do a radical change of look that does not make her very happy.

However, her busy recording schedule has not prevented her from complying with her demanding workouts, which led her to position herself as one of the fitness influencer most popular on social networks. But, as is customary, he once again shared one of his great passions, managing to provoke all kinds of reactions, as he left in full view the spectacular figure that he has achieved after several years of training and a healthy lifestyle.

And it was exactly through her official Instagram account that the protagonist of “Rosario Tijeras” shared a video with nearly 9 million followers in which she appears on a running band.

On this occasion, she chose a tiny sports outfit consisting of white shorts and a beige strappy top, garments with which her curves were exposed while jumping and thanks to slow motion, her fans did not lose detail of her shapely figure.

Although said profile is also used to share aspects of her professional life with the projects in which she participates and exposes some details of her life as a mother, wife and daughter, the type of publications that her followers appreciate the most are those in which she appears wearing gym results.

Like for example the postcard in which, wearing a black and blue bikiniposed to show her steel abdomen, with which she took the opportunity to reveal some of her secrets to always stay in shape.

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