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Bárbara de Regil can be seen in a pink bikini and from the treadmill with tight shorts

Barbara de Regil She began her career as an actress, but over time she managed to increase her popularity within social networks, becoming one of the most praised influencers by the spectacular silhouette that he has achieved after several years of dedication, discipline and passion for the world of fitness.

Despite the constant accusations for supposedly showing an image that is extremely concerned about her physique, since she is also dedicated to sharing tips to achieve a heart-stopping figure, she has decided to continue sharing her messages of self-love and regardless of the criticism, she enjoys showing her silhouette to the greatest provocation, be it from the beach or the gym, places where he already spends most of his time, at least when the projects in which he participates allow it.

On this occasion, the protagonist of the TelevisaUnivision telenovela ‘Cabo’ once again left a large number of followers speechless who are aware of what she does on her social networks, specifically on Instagram, where she reappeared last weekend. showing off with tiny garments that highlighted her beauty.

And it is that, in a compilation of images, the film and television star appeared posing on at least two occasions with a tiny pink bikiniwith which her curves and shapely legs were shamelessly exposed.

But that was not all, because as is customary, he also accompanied the postcards with advice for his faithful admirers, whom he asked to pay attention to themselves “when something doesn’t vibrate you.”

Although in this publication she managed to exceed 370,000 heart-shaped reactions and received hundreds of messages in which they praised her beauty and way of thinking, it was not the only social network in which she exposed her way of seeing life, because through from his TikTok account he also shared the video in which he appears from the treadmill.

it was like that while exercising in tight blue shortsalso made it clear that she does not care what people perceive of her, because at the end of the day she will always shine.

“A lot of people have tried to bring me down, but I’m here, I’ve always been myself and I’ve always wanted that, I’ve always been grateful and I’ve tried to handle myself with class,” the message read.

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