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Barbara -27 kg with Red Apple: “I’m in glory!”

Barbara knows what it is to struggle with extra kilos. She has been struggling with the balance since she was 13 years old, in continuous ups and downs. Then about a year ago, looking in the mirror, she decided it was time to love herself.

I already knew the Manzanaroja diet, achieving remarkable results. For her it is a real point of reference.

“The only possible diet is Manzanaroja, excellent for me, in fact I would say perfect!”

A tailored diet

Manzanaroja for Barbara is like a tailored dress, it’s easy to put on and it fits you perfectly. It has a very low cost, anyone who wants an easy and tasty diet can follow it.

She doesn’t look like she’s on a diet and she’s really excited about the results in such a short time. A fit body and a lighter waist made her a new woman.

The importance of the group

The Facebook group, for her, was like being at home, a moment to talk to each other and listen to those who follow the same path.

Even in the family, Manzanaroja has become a style of eating followed by everyone, now it can no longer be called a diet. Pizza is never lacking, the dishes are tasty and appetizing and everyone likes them.

Barbara has been in maintenance for a while, but continues to follow the Manzanaroja pattern. And with the sandwich diet, comfortable, easy, fast, now she is great! Fantasy, creativity, flavors and zero sacrifices: this is Manzanaroja!

“How good a diet that tells you what to eat and how to create dishes that are always tasty! I love Manzanaroja!”

The rediscovery of food

Barbara has acquired a new relationship with food that is more balanced and adapted to her. Now her goal is to maintain not only her weight but all the healthy habits she has acquired. A personal challenge that she absolutely won. And with 27 kg less, it’s a completely different life!

“The steps with Red Apple were getting more and more beautiful, it was a real climb to the top!”

full of energy

Now she feels strong, combative, full of energy. She feels happy even with leggings and a t-shirt, she no longer needs to cover up.

Because Apple Red for Barbara was not just a diet. But an important journey to discover herself, an opportunity to reflect and enjoy new possibilities.

“All this gives me great emotions, I feel in glory!”

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