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Banks will be closed across Brazil on Tuesday

The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) disclosed that on the 12/10/2021th all banks will be closed due to the national holiday of Nossa Senhora Aparecida. It is recommended that everyone advance their account as soon as possible.

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However, what to do for those that expire on the 12th? That’s what will be covered in this text, check out now what you need to know to avoid headaches with bank closures.

What this article covers:

It is worth mentioning that the banks are in normal operation on October 11th. In addition February disclosed that the bills that are due on the 12th can be paid on the 12th without fines or interest, as the payments already have the dates established according to the country’s commemorative dates.

All banks’ digital vehicles will be available for service, including transfers. ATMs are also available for bills that are paid using barcodes.

How to use Internet Banking to pay bills?

Electronic means are great facilitators in the lives of banks. Operations made through the internet will be available during the holiday and to carry out, it is necessary that the agency is registered. Which is not a problem, since most Brazilian banks have some registration on the internet.

However, it is known that there is a lot of insecurity with the use of these channels, especially with the number of scams carried out online. Therefore, here are three essential tips to be sure that that service is from the bank: do not enter bank details until you are sure that that address is from the bank; The presence of a green padlock next to the address; an antivirus on the computer that is in good working order.

From everything that has been discussed, it is hoped that all doubts regarding what to do with holiday bills have been resolved. If you need to carry out operations, prioritize the use of electronic means, as they are sure to be in operation. If you liked the post, don’t forget to share it to help spread the word and stay tuned for future posts on the site.

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