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bank gives tips on how to do it

Everyone wants to increase the limit of the Nubank card, since it is common for customers to be dissatisfied with the maximum limit available to make their purchases, especially at the beginning when few purchases were made. Still, according to the needs that arise, it is understandable that people need this change. But, it is possible to change that, you just need to adopt some behaviors and soon your limit can be changed.

Source/Reproduction: NuBank

So, if you are part of that group that needs an increase in the Nubank card limit, read below some tips that influence and help you increase your limit!

What this article covers:

What influences when increasing the Nubank card limit?

What some people don’t know is that the bank conducts a survey and a lot of information is involved when increasing your card limit. Therefore, upon having your card approved by Nubank, your data went through a process carried out using an algorithm. This way, this system will investigate and set an initial threshold for you, and it will also be frequently performing this research and updating.

So be on the lookout! Well, they are always aware of your income, and also your Serasa score, if you don’t delay payments and establish a good relationship with the market, the greater the chances of your limit being increased.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the more you use the Nubank card limit and do not delay when paying invoices, the more details the company will have about you and it will offer less risk.

Tips on how to increase the Nubank limit:

A very important tip is that you keep your invoice up to date! It is a fact that we do not have control over everything and it is possible that unforeseen events will happen. Therefore, whenever it is within reach, do not leave or accumulate overdue invoices.

It is also very positive to concentrate your expenses on the card, in this way it will contribute positively for the company to gather a lot of data, information about you and for them to feel more secure in increasing their limit, as they get to know your profile more still.

Finally, always keep your income up to date on the Nubank app. In this way, the bank will be aware of the value that is feasible for you and avoid the accumulation of debts.

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