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Banco Votorantim telephone number: how can I contact you?

Banco Votorantim telephone is the easiest and fastest way to solve problems or answer questions through an attendant. However, it is not the only service channel, as the institution provides its customers and those of BV Financeira with a complete Relationship Center.

Below, check out all Banco Votorantim service channels and solve your problems.

What this article covers:

Telephone number Banco Votorantim: one of the ways to get in touch

Through Banco Votorantim telephone, it is possible to contact the company quickly. The numbers available for customer service are:

  • 0800-777-2828 – Banco Votorantim telephone for all locations;
  • 3003-7728 – Customers in metropolitan regions.

The Banco Votorantim phone number is open during business hours from Monday to Saturday.

Votorantim Bank Chat

In addition to Banco Votorantim Telephone, the company’s customers can obtain help through the chat. This service modality is found through the official website of BV and with it it is possible to obtain help from a virtual assistant. The chat is available at any time and can also be accessed by smartphones and other devices.

SAC Banco Votorantim

Unlike Banco Votorantim by telephone, the SAC is available for customers who want to send suggestions for services and improvements to the company. Complaints and specific information are also accepted through this channel. To get in touch, just dial the number 0800-772-8028.

Banco Votorantim Ombudsman

Banco Votorantim’s Ombudsman is aimed at people who have not found a solution to their problems in any of the service channels offered by the company. Therefore, this service should only be used as a last resort. To contact the Ombudsman just dial 0800 707 0083.

How to make a complaint

Complaints are accepted through all the bank’s service channels, including through Banco Votorantim by telephone. To make a complaint, just seek assistance from a specialized attendant.

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For complaints and denouncements about Judicial, Administrative Actions, Fraud or criminal activities, Banco Votorantim makes available the mailbox: 795445 / CEP: 04707-970.

BV Financeira telephone numbers

As is known, BV Financeira is part of the Votorantim Financial Conglomerate. However, to obtain assistance from their services, the numbers available are:

  • 3003-1616 – For customers in capital cities;
  • 08000-701-8600 – For all locations.

Like Banco Votorantim Telephone, the numbers of BV Financeira are open during business hours every day of the week and on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Through them it is possible to obtain information about BV services Finance and hire them.

Telephone Votorantim Financial Products Bank

Now, for those looking to hire Banco Votorantim’s financial products and services, the available numbers are:

  • 0800-701-8600 – All locations;
  • 3003-7888 – Only metropolitan areas and capitals.

This service also operates during business hours. With it, it is possible to obtain information about Banco Votorantim services and hire them through a specialized attendant.

BV Financeira: phones to talk about credit cards

To better serve its customers, BV Financeira provides different service numbers for those who want to talk about credit card services. For all BV and Dotz BV Cards, the customer must dial:

  • 3003-7728 – Customers in metropolitan areas;
  • 0800-777-2828 – All locations.

This service is provided during business hours and only deals with issues related to credit cards of the BV Financeira group.

Hiring a Business Check at Banco Votorantim

One of Banco Votorantim’s services is the hiring of a Business Check. For this, interested parties should dial the number 0800-772-8086. Through this number, it is possible to obtain all necessary documentation information and talk directly with a relationship manager at Banco Votorantim.

BV telephone for the hearing impaired

For greater accessibility of its services, the BV telephone is also offered for different types of hearing. Contact with this channel is made through the numbers:

  • 0800-701-86-61 – All locations in Brazil.

This BV number is available 24 hours a day and customers must use an adapted device when calling the number.

Other BV Financeira channels

In addition to Banco Votorantim Telephone and the BV service channels, the company offers other forms of assistance for specific cases. Customers who live abroad can contact BV through the telephone number 55-11-5541-5000.

Other BV Financeira channels

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BV also provides the Minha BV customer area, where it is possible to access all the functionalities of the company’s products and have contact with an attendant without leaving home. The channel was created for the convenience of all its customers and can be used at any time.

BV Financeira and Banco Votorantim work actively to provide the best service to their customers. Therefore, everyone is prepared to assist and solve any problem.

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