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Banco Pan Consigned Credit: how does it work?

Banco Pan makes it easier for its customers or interested parties to contact payroll loans, which can be initiated through the application.

Currently, Banco Pan e customers have a digital account, they can apply for a payroll loan and, if eligible, the loan can be taken out and thus the entire process can be carried out through the application if they prefer.

In this text, you will understand everything about Banco Pan credit, what are the advantages, who can do it and much more. Keep reading!

What this article covers:

Pan Bank: Payroll Loan

Banco Pan makes payroll loans available to those customers who have a fixed income and need cash. This loan can be applied for by civil servants, pensioners and also military personnel.

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The interested party goes through an approval analysis without making consultation at Serasa or SPC. This means that even those with negative credit can resort to Banco Pan’s payroll loan.

Who can do?

Banco Pan’s payroll loans are earmarked for certain categories. Check out:

  • Public servants;
  • Members of the Armed Forces;
  • Pensioners.

Who is not in the categories above, it is possible to resort to other types of credit also offered by the bank.

How to make?

After installing and accessing the Banco Pan application, follow these steps:

  • Select “Loans” and “Payroll Loans”;
  • Click on “I want to know”;
  • Inform which eligible group you belong to and click “Continue”;
  • After that you will be redirected to a WhatsApp conversation and you can continue following the steps there.

Hiring is done through the WhatsApp conversation and can be finalized there if you want.

How can I consult the approval of the Pan payroll?

To consult the approval of Banco Pan’s payroll loan, just make a call to the financial institution’s Call Center.

  • 4003 0101 (for those who live in capitals and metropolitan regions);
  • 0800 8888 0101 (other locations).

The numbers above are open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 10pm.

What is the approval period?

With the loan approved and you eligible for it, within 17 business days you will receive an email and the payroll loan. Usually the request does not take long to be answered. As long as you are eligible for payroll loans, you will undoubtedly be accepted.

What are the advantages of the Banco Pan payroll card?

The Banco Pan card has a free annual fee, a minimum interest rate that can be up to 4 installments, can be requested by negatives and has the advantages of the Visa Classic brand.

Benefits of the Visa Classic flag

The Visa Classic flag is accepted in most of the world, currently in more than 200 countries, not to mention that the holder has travel, leisure and shopping discounts. The flag also has the Vai de Visa program, which offers various promotions.

If you currently meet the criteria for being a public servant, retired or pensioner, you can access the payroll card and all the services and products offered by Banco Pan. It’s like an ordinary credit card.

Benefits of the Visa Classic flag

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So if you are in one of the aforementioned categories and need money to pay bills or solve other financial issues, don’t waste time and apply for payroll loans.

If you still have questions about Banco Pan’s payroll loan, you should contact the finance company to resolve your doubts and thus start your credit application quickly and safely. As much as you need money urgently, you can have the requested amount in a few days.

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