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Banco do Brasil phone number and your contacts Online!

Through the Banco do Brasil telephone number and its online contacts, it is possible to resolve issues without leaving home. For this, you need to have your phone number handy. Bank of Brazil or other contact channels of the institution.

Due to the number of scams that are taking place through calls and social media, the ideal is to make sure that you are talking to a representative of the institution through the Banco do Brasil telephone number or official social network.

To help you with this, in this content you will stay on top of Banco do Brasil phone numbers and their social media. Keep reading!

What this article covers:

Which Banco do Brasil telephone numbers?

Banco do Brasil has several means of contact. The telephone is the most used means of assistance due to its practicality and accessibility for more people who have difficulties using Applications and other media.

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See below the main telephone numbers of Banco do Brasil.

BB Ombudsman

BB has an Ombudsman. Check the telephone numbers of Banco do Brasil, below:

  • 0800 729 5678 (open on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm)
  • 0800 729 0088 (for those with hearing or speech impairments)

The Ombudsman numbers mentioned above can be used for complaints from customers who have already used the SAC, but have not had the problem resolved. So, the work of the Ombudsman is to resolve conflicts between the institution and the client in order to present an improvement.

BB Relationship Center

Banco do Brasil’s Relationship Center is open 24 hours a day. Check the numbers you can contact below:

  • 4004 0001 (for capitals and metropolitan areas)
  • 0800 729 0001 (other regions)

At the BB Relationship Center, customers can consult transactions, ask for guidance on how to use self-service means over the internet without leaving home to solve a simple problem. The Call Center can help you with the following things:

  • Transactions;
  • Payments in general;
  • Application or redemption of funds;
  • Consult balance;
  • Loan simulation;
  • Extract.

At any time and any day you need to, you as a customer can contact the BB Relationship Center.

SAC (Customer Service)

Check below the number of the SAC of Banco do Brasil which works free of charge any day for 24 hours:

  • 0800 729 0722 (any location).

The Banco do Brasil telephone number is used to answer questions about any problems that arise during use and also to obtain information about customer service.

What are Banco do Brasil’s Digital Service Channels?

To facilitate the daily lives of customers, in addition to the Banco do Brasil telephone number, the institution also provides digital channels.

What are the Digital Service Channels of Banco do Brasil

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Check them out below:

Internet self-service

Through the BB self-service, it is possible to access the services and products that the bank offers, solving problems that may have occurred with your account without leaving your home.


It is also possible to solve your problem faster through WhatsApp. You just need to save the number (61) 4004-0001 on your cell phone and solve your problem more easily.

What are BB’s Media and Social Networks?

Banco do Brasil is also on the media and social networks. Check out which are the main ones.


Through Facebook from BB you can keep up to date with all the news launched by the Bank.


To stay up to date with news released by the bank or watch tutorials on how to access digital channels, subscribe to youtube of the institution.


Through account at twitter do Banco you will stay on top of every launch of the bank or how to solve problems.

Always having the bank’s digital means at hand is very important for those who are already customers or for those who intend to create an account at Banco do Brasil.

With the article you saw the telephone number of Banco do Brasil and other means of communication that the institution offers. Now all you have to do is contact us to solve your problem

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