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Banco do Brasil Credit Card Contact: Phone, Whatsapp, disabled people

Anyone who uses services or products from any company, in any area, knows how important it is to be aware of their communication channels. It is through them that it is possible to solve various problems, hire and change services already used, make cancellations, request data, report on thefts and robberies, among other things.

It is no different for those who are customers of financial institutions and, especially for those who use a Banco do Brasil credit card, there are specific means of contacting the company. See more information about this below.

What this article covers:

Banco do Brasil Credit Card: What are they?

Banco do Brasil has a considerable variety of credit cards available to its customers. They are basically divided into three groups: those who receive the Ourocard brand, the co-branded Smiles and also those who have the Diners Club International brand.

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Each of the cards has its own advantages and systems for accumulating points. Among the most outstanding cards are the Altus Visa Infinite, the ELO Diners Club, Ourocard Estilo ELO Nanquim and the GOL Smiles Visa Infinite. These are just a few, and if your intention is to get a BB card, the ideal is to do your research calmly and see which option best fits your needs.

who is already a customer BB If you have a credit card, you can get in touch with bank attendants through specific means. Most of them are made up of telephone lines, but the bank also has service through the social networks Facebook and Twitter.

If you are really interested in talking to an attendant, you can do so through the BB Relationship Center, through the number 4004-0001, for those who live in capitals or metropolitan areas, or 0800 729 0001, for other locations. The SAC can also be called, but in this case, the number is 0800 729 0722.

For customers who do not reside in Brazil, the reserved line is +55 11 2845 7820. This number accepts collect calls. All of these telephones are open 24 hours a day, from Sunday to Sunday.

In addition to them, the bank also has an exclusive WhatsApp service line. The number is (61) 4004-0001 and it is possible to send text messages, audios and pdf documents, for example. There is service provided by a robot, but it is also possible to request to speak with a human employee. There are many operations and services available through this medium.

Banco do Brasil Credit Card: how it works for people with disabilities

For Banco do Brasil customers who are hearing or speech impaired, the institution provides a specific channel for resolving general problems and contracting services. The phone number is 0800 729 0088, which is also open 24 hours a day.

Through this channel, it is possible to obtain information, make complaints, cancel cards, activate various products and services and also contact BB’s Ombudsman.

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