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Bamboo blinds: tips for using

The curtain is a fundamental item in the House decoration🇧🇷 In addition to beautifying the environments, this article is responsible for maintaining lighting control and ensuring the privacy of residents.

Bamboo curtain is an eco-friendly choice to decorate the house. (Photo: Disclosure)

In the market, it is possible to find many options of curtains to decorate the house, which vary in terms of size, color, finish and material. Those who want to give up the traditional fabric curtain can find out about the advantages of having a curtain made of bamboo.

What this article covers:

Decorative bamboo blinds

O bamboo is a rustic material and that values ​​the concern with sustainability. Its use in residential aesthetics becomes perfect if the intention is to create natural, elegant and harmonious environments.

Bamboo began to be used to make curtains in Japan and other parts of Asia. The accessory, however, has overcome time and has become a timeless item in homes around the world.

At bamboo blinds transform the decor with great taste and creativity. They are able to play with different textures, colors and formats, without losing their commitment to rusticity.

Bamboo blinds are charming and rustic. (Photo: Disclosure)

An advantage of bamboo blinds is that they are cost-effective. However, to resist exposure to the sun, humidity and insects, it is important that the material receives the appropriate chemical treatment.

Decorating with bamboo curtains can be present in all areas of the house, including the living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. In all compositions, the piece contributes to the proposal of warmth and sophistication.

At bamboo rod curtains they are easy to install and clean. The handling to ‘open and close’ is not difficult and allows adapting the product that covers the windows to the needs of the resident.

Even the bathroom can be decorated with bamboo blinds. (Photo: Disclosure)

Where to buy bamboo blinds?

At bamboo blinds and blinds can be easily found for sale in home decor and trousseau stores. There are also some product options on the internet, check the prices below:

– Bamboo Roller Curtain 160 x 80cm, Euroflex for BRL 74.90 at Shoptime.

– Hawaii Roman Shade Bamboo curtain 160x80cm, Euroflex for R$ 119.90 at Shoptime.

🇧🇷 Bamboo Roller Curtain Brown 120 X 180 cm Top Flex for R$ 122.40 on Mobly.

– Natural Beige Bamboo Roman Curtain 140 X 180 cm for R$ 172.80 on Mobly.

– Horizontal Bamboo Blinds 50mm Honey for R$ 339.90 at the Persiana Pronta store.

🇧🇷 bamboo blinds Hawaii 160x160cm, Euroflex for R$ 189.90 in Lojas Americanas.

– Bamboo curtain for R$ 125.00 at Bambumania.

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