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Balcony in a rustic style: how to decorate

The porch is a space in the house where people can rest, chat with friends, gather the family or read a good book. The environment offers the tranquility that the resident needs and also facilitates contact with nature.

The rustic porch needs to be cozy. (Photo: Disclosure)

Different styles can be explored in the porch decorationđŸ‡§đŸ‡· However, if the intention is to create a cozy, comfortable and receptive area, then it is worth betting on the rustic aesthetic.

What this article covers:

Rustic style features

O rustic style proposes a real return to the origins, in which it is possible to rescue old furniture, objects and textiles. The resident needs to keep in mind that the main inspiration for this aesthetic is in the old country houses.

O rustic emphasizes imperfections, the unfinished and the wear and tear caused by time. The style also makes a strong reference to the country world, while incorporating country furniture.

Wood is a material that cannot be missing in decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Among the main materials that appear in rustic decor, it is worth highlighting the wood and iron. With regard to colors, the main palette is composed of off-white, earth tones or pastel shades. Nothing prevents you from working with a warmer or cooler color to make the environment cozy.

Some prints are capable of enhance the rustic atmosphere, as is the case with squares, florals and stripes. The mix of patterns in decoration is considered an interesting solution, as long as it does not overload the visual identity.

How to decorate a rustic porch?

Coating: the floor can be covered with wood or some material with a strong appearance. The walls are more charming with a textured painting.

Furniture should be conducive to rest. (Photo: Disclosure)

Furniture: the veranda needs furniture that favors comfort and rest. To enhance the rustic aesthetics, it is worth betting on the wooden parts or those made from natural fibers such as wicker, bamboo or reeds.

THE rustic porch it can be decorated with many furniture options, such as armchairs, loveseats, sofas, stools, futon, chaises, tables and loungers. The choice of parts varies according to the project.

Objects: many decorative objects reinforce the idea of ​​rusticity, such as baskets, patterned cushions, chests of drawers, trays, old utilities, books, decorative cans and crafts in general.

It is worth exploring nature in decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Plants: the green elements are fundamental to assemble a cozy and rustic porchđŸ‡§đŸ‡· If the environment doesn’t get much sun, the garden can be made up of showy foliage that like partial shade. If the area is well lit by sunlight, then it is recommended to decorate with sun-loving plants.

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