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Balconies between living room and kitchen: tips

In architecture and decoration projects, the american kitchens turned into a trend. They propose the fall of some walls of the house in favor of the integration of environments. In this way, the kitchen occupies the same space as the living room and dining room.

The counter is ideal for separating the kitchen from the living room into an integrated space. (Photo: Disclosure)

the idea of integrated spaces it is favorable for the decoration, after all, it creates the feeling of spaciousness and facilitates the communication of the residents. However, it is necessary to take some care so that the proposals of the rooms do not end up mixing.

A way of separate the living room from the kitchen it’s across the counter. This element combines with different styles of decoration, as it assumes a functional and aesthetic character at the same time.

What this article covers:

counter models

The counter contributes to the look of the environments and values ​​the main architectural trends. It appears not only in modern apartments, but also in old houses that have had some walls removed.

O counter use It is a great option because it favors coexistence between friends and family. In some cases, this element serves to make quick meals and also works as a workbench.

Balconies perform several functions. (Photo: Disclosure)

there are several counter models available on the market, which can be used to separate the kitchen from the living room in style. Pieces vary in size, shape, materials and finish. In any case, the design of the counter must dialogue with the aesthetics of the integrated environments.

THE american kitchen decor mainly incorporates the wooden countersgranite, porcelain and ceramic.

Tips for choosing the counter between living room and kitchen

Check it out below Tips for choosing the counter🇧🇷

• The support bench requires high and proportionate stools, instead of common chairs;

• The owner of the house must keep in mind the limit of people who will be accommodated at the balcony;

• The counter model needs to value the context, that is, the decoration of the living room and kitchen. It is important to seek this harmony through the color palette and finish;

• It is possible to decorate the kitchen counter with some objects or use it for organization purposes;

Stools are essential for the counter. (Photo: Disclosure)

• If the intention is to use conventional chairs on the bench, then the final height of the top must be a maximum of 80 centimeters;

• A space with contemporary aesthetics combines with a counter on two levels: a lower one for the kitchen and a higher one for the living room;

• At height-adjustable stools tend to adapt more easily to the project;

• Pendant light fixtures can be placed over the counter to create strategic lighting.

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