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Bad taste! In Venga la Alegría they “kill” Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme as a joke | VIDEO

Edwin Cazvocalist and leader of firm grouphas been ranked as one of the most beloved artists by the public, so every detail about him is revealed, it becomes news.

This time a terrible joke is circulating on social networks, especially on TikTok, which has already gone viral, of which the victims were the hosts of Venga la Alegría, since a member of the production of the morning show played the heavy joke of announcing Eduin’s false deathall this happened while they were in a meeting with the production team.

It was on the official TikTok account that they shared the video of the exact moment in which a young man who works for the production of Venga la Alegría abruptly interrupts the content meeting that the entire team regularly holds after finishing the morning broadcast, to play the practical joke on his companions.

“Hey Maru, Eduin Caz has just died”, a young man is heard and seen saying that he cannot be identified because he is wearing a face mask, it can only be seen that he is wearing a huge black jacket.

After this “news”, the conductors of the broadcast could not believe it and evidently made expressions of astonishment, Without a doubt, the most surprised was Flor Rubio who immediately began to try to locate the source..

But everything did not stop there, because it is heard that someone questions the young man about who had published said news and he assured that it had been Israel Gutiérrez, partner and friend of Eduin Caz, this to give more truth to his joke.

Besides, someone else who was present at the meeting asks if the causes of the presumed death of Eduin Caz were known, and the man in charge of the joke says that it was due to a vehicle accident; Given this, the producer of Venga la Alegría asks his team to be vigilant and get the news out as soon as possible.

Seeing that the whole team was already beginning to mobilize, the prankster gave a loud shout: “boys! it’s a joke, calm down”, he said while everyone turned to see him.

After assuring that it had only been a joke for his companions, everyone present calmed down, but some did not agree with this type of deception, others took it well and just laughed.

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