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Bad Bunny gives a tremendous surprise by revealing that he is retiring from music forever? | VIDEO

Bad Bunny He has become a benchmark in the urban genre, however, in the midst of his growing popularity and success, he has decided to retire from music to enjoy his achievements.

The Puerto Rican singer will close his “World’s Hottest Tour” with a series of concerts in Mexico, which means that it will be the one this weekend with which he says goodbye and the fans expect big surprises.

“I am taking a break. 2023 is for me, for my physical health, my emotional health, to breathe, to enjoy my achievements. Let’s celebrate. We are going here, we are going there, we are going on the boat”.


He said in an interview for Billboard magazine. He explained that he still has some work commitments, so he will compose again, although not with the pressure that big concerts imply.

“Remember yourself, bastard. You’ve broken everything”said the singer and added that he is in “A point where, whatever happens, I don’t expect anything to happen. For example, she wasn’t looking for a collaboration with Drake. He was very spontaneous. Now it’s different. Now everybody, the biggest artist you can imagine, he wants to collaborate with me”.

Benito Antonio Martínez, as the artist’s first name is, was recently recognized by Apple Music as Artist of the Year and Time magazine chose “Un verano sin tin” as Album of the Year, which the 28-year-old actor also released this 2022.

Although Bad Bunny’s success did not come overnight and it all started when he was studying Audiovisual Communication at a University in Puerto Rico.

And while working as a bagger in a supermarket, he released music on platforms like SoundCloud until he caught the attention of producer DJ Luian.

Among his first hits, “Soy peor” from 2016 stands out, which placed him in the public eye and the following year he released “Krippy Kush” with Farruko.

Collaborations with artists like Karol G boosted his popularity and “Ahora me llama” meant a resounding success for his career.

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