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Bachelorette Sweden 2022 – He is the new guy in the house

In Monday’s episode of Bachelorette Sweden 2022, the participants in the program got a surprise: a new guy has entered the Bachelorette house. But all is not as it seems.

Photo: TV4

This year’s Bachelorette Sweden has offered several surprises so far, not least when Olivia Birgersson’s twin sister Amanda entered the program. She was then replaced by four new guys who would try to win Olivia’s heart.

“A prankster”

In Monday’s episode, another new face appeared in the house where the contestants live: Olivia’s friend Anton. The idea is for him to help this year’s Bachelorette make a good choice by finding out how the guys behave when she’s out of earshot:

“I’m here to sneak into the house, be a bit of a spy and find out a bit of things that are said and done behind closed doors, of which she is not aware,” says Anton.

“I want to hear this boy talk, partly the jargon and what is said,” says Birgersson in the episode.

Anton’s arrival, however, did not give rise to any great enthusiasm among the other boys.

“It’s some prankster who wants to come in and disrupt our thing. It’s shit, to put it bluntly, says Rasmus Allard.

Adam Edgren is of the same opinion: “A new guy is the absolute last thing I want to see in the house right now.”

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