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Bachelorette 2022 – Upset words when Simon was left without a rose

When Simon Liljeström was left without a rose during the final rose mingling in Bachelorette Sweden, part of his strong reaction was omitted from the program. In “Guys Reveal All”, Simon is confronted with the clips where he calls Olivia derogatory and has difficulty managing his anger.

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After Olivia chose to give the participant Oscar her last rose in the Bachelorette, Simon Liljeström had a hard time keeping track of the storm of emotions. Upon hearing the news, Olivia becomes sad and walks away, prompting several of the other guys to follow to comfort her. However, Simon chooses to do things differently. “Fake people are the worst thing I know. I will remain,” he says in the program. When Olivia goes up to Simon to ask how he is, he replies: “”I think you’re fake and I think you’re giving false hope. I’m glad I’m leaving right now because I feel I deserve better.”

Used derogatory expressions and wanted to fly home

But this will turn out to be only the beginning of Simon’s strong emotional expression. The clip, which was not shown on the show, he is confronted with during an episode of “The Guys Reveal All.” There, an upset Simon can be seen talking about leaving the program immediately, he also says that he wants to fly home the very next day. “I’m buying my own flight. I’m buying a private jet, I can pay two hundred thousand for a flight,” he tells the program’s feature producer.

Regretted it afterwards

In his anger over the decision, he also calls Olivia a derogatory term, which causes Simon to be embarrassed in the studio during “Guys Reveal All.” “She can dream of a guy like me, I can get better anyway. Ten times prettier, ten times better, that’s her loss,” he also says indignantly in the feature. In the studio, he explains what was behind the harsh words. He says that it took a toll on him to be dumped, as he had never been dumped before. “It’s something I will really apologize for,” he says in the studio. “I felt very very bad for several days after that and had a lot of anxiety and deep regret.”

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