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Bachelorette 2022 – He got the final rose

Now the last rose has been awarded in this year’s round of “Bachelorette”. Olivia Birgersson told in the final that she was ambivalent about the decision and wanted a long time before she finally decided who it would be.

Photo: TV4

The guys who made it to the last program of this year’s round of Bacherlorette are Adam Edgren and Oscar Batres. During the course of the program, both have found love in Olivia and before the final announcement, Oscar revealed that he hoped for marriage, while Adam also expressed his strong feelings.

Followed gut feeling and heart

Olivia had to take several breaks before she managed to leave her final message and it was Adam who had to receive the last rose. “It was really hard, but I had to go into myself and trust my gut,” she says in the program finale. The message resulted in much joy and loving kisses.

The message that Olivia had to leave to Oscar, on the other hand, made them both burst into tears. After Olivia explains that she chose to follow her heart, Oscar talks about the shock and emptiness the news left him with. “I didn’t really understand that she had chosen me,” he says in the program and says that it was only in the taxi on the way out that he broke down in tears.

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