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Bachelor Simon and Elvira celebrated New Year’s together – this is what their relationship looks like today

Simon Lindström’s relationship with participant Elvira Svensson did not last long after the filming of Bachelor 2021, but the other week it emerged that the two had celebrated New Year’s together – something that has made many hope for a reunion.

Photo: TV4

In the 2021 edition of Bachelor Sweden, Simon Lindström chose to give his last rose to the participant Elvira Svensson. A few months later, however, it emerged that the couple had broken up, something that Simon talked about in After five:

“It’s been hard to date secretly,” he said. “We felt a sense of friction and frustration, we kind of didn’t move forward as a couple. We weren’t allowed to stay in public. You sit all summer long and print in an apartment, more or less.”

Celebrated New Year together

Despite the breakup, however, it seems that the former couple are on good terms with each other – the fact is that they even celebrated the new year a few weeks ago, something that appears in a post on Elvira’s Instagram account.

For Happened tells Simon about his relationship with Elvira today:

“Since the Bachelor, we have always been good friends. When we got home from there, one of the first things I wanted her to get to know were those close to me. She did, and she moved up not too long after. Or six months later, so she has gotten to know many of my close friends and vice versa. So we hang out in gangs like that,” he says.

However, a reunion does not seem to be relevant at the moment:

“As it is right now, I don’t think about seeing her as anything other than a friend,” he says.

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