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Bachelor-Isa and Sia’s happy news about the relationship – have moved in together

A few weeks ago, Siamak Hatami and Isa Jallow told us that their relationship lasted after the filming of Bachelor Sweden 2022 – and now they are taking the next step in their relationship. “We are happier than ever,” Jallow adds Happened.

Photo: Screenshot TV4

Earlier this year, Siamak “Sia” Hatami did Bachelor Sweden-story when he chose to quit the show in the middle of the current season after finding love in contestant Isa Jallow. Before giving Jallow his final rose, he justified the choice for the other girls:

“I came here hoping to find someone I can live with after this. That has been my intention from the very beginning. I feel what I feel and now that I’ve had some time to sink into it, I feel it’s just stupid to drag it out,” he said.

Confirmed the relationship in November

However, it would be months before Hatami and Jallow were allowed to say whether the relationship had lasted after the recordings. So at the beginning of November, the news finally came: the couple had managed to keep their love alive even at home.

“When we came home, we landed more in the fact that the chemistry and fire we felt there in Greece was still there and that there was something to build on,” Sia said when the couple was interviewed on TV4 a couple of weeks ago.

“We got to know each other in a very short time,” said Isa. “This takes time, but we enjoy getting to know each other. Then we’ll see where we are in the future.”

“Happier than ever”

Now reporting Happened that the couple has taken their relationship to the next level. During a call on Idol-the finale’s red carpet tells Isa and Sia that they are moving in together.

“We have loaded up for the evening by moving packing all day,” Sia tells the magazine.

“We’ve moved in together! We’ve moved to Bromma,” confirms Isa, who also says that it’s nice to be able to be open about the relationship:

“Now we are finally out and can be public with the fact that we are together, we are happier than ever.”

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