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Bachelor 2023: Here’s everything we know about Bachelor guys Stephane Frick and Rasmus Allard

The Bachelor is back in fall 2023 with two new single guys. It is already clear who will be 2023’s Bachelor guys: Stephane Frick and Rasmus Allard. Here’s everything we know about the guys who will be trying to win the hearts of this year’s Bachelor contestants.

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Passion and drama await when two handsome Bachelors venture into the jungle of love. In a beautiful vacation paradise, they get the chance to get to know a group of smart and ambitious women and there are hot dates as well as shocking rose ceremonies.

Are you considering applying for this year’s edition of the TV hit Bachelor Sweden? Here we take a look at the two guys looking for love on the show this year.

Stephane Frick, 33 Stockholm

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Stephane Frick was born and raised in Stockholm but has a French accent through his father.
– Dating me is partly speed and wind, but there must also be romance and passion, says Stephane Frick.

Who is Bachelor-Stephane?

Stephane is a real adventurer and loves physical and mental challenges. In the summer months, he likes to engage in downhill cycling and in the winter there is a lot of skiing. Together with their mother, they climbed Kebnekaise, but due to harsh weather conditions, they did not make it all the way to the top. But it is an adventure Stephane carries with him as a fine memory. Diving is something he likes and he has a diving certificate to dive in wrecks. So claustrophobia is not a problem.

Right now he works as a chef in a pub in Stockholm and enjoys life. Except that the last piece of the puzzle is missing, someone to share life with.
– I am ready to find the right one, Stephane continues.

Stephane is looking for a girl who is close to laughter, fearless and likes challenges.

You can apply to date him here!

Rasmus Allard, 29 Linköping

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Viewers have been able to follow Rasmus Allard in the last season of Bachelorette where he dated Olivia Birgersson, but now he appears as one of the single guys in Bachelor 2023!

Rasmus Allard is 29 years old and lives in Linköping. Rasmus grew up in Linköping with mother, father and his big idol, older sister Sandra. Sandra is six years older and still his safe point.

– I am a family-loving & humble guy who tries to be as kind as possible, says Rasmus.

When Rasmus was 18, he became a father. Daughter Nova is now 10 years old and he has her every two weeks.

– We have a strong relationship and hang out a lot. I am very proud of her.

As a person, Rasmus cares about everyone’s well-being and puts others first. He is a kind and romantic emotional person.

Rasmus is looking for a safe and positive girl who wants to share everything with him. Someone who likes to invent things and lives a reasonably active life. Rasmus is ready for family life and is looking for a girl who is ready to share life with him.

– I want this adventure to lead to the great eternal love.

You can apply to date him here!

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