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Baby shower decor: themes

The baby shower is a very special occasion where the mother-to-be receives affection from friends and family. This meeting should be organized calmly and should be planned in advance so that everything goes according to plan. The decoration of the environment is essential to make the party even more beautiful and fun. With that in mind, we selected baby shower decor ideas🇧🇷 Check out.

Pink is the most suitable color for female baby showers. (Photo: publicity)

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baby shower decoration

The baby shower is a very fun time that brings together the mother-to-be’s family and friends. This festivity aims to celebrate the upcoming birth of the baby and help parents complete the trousseau. THE baby shower decoration is an element that always generates many doubts when choosing, after all, there are many options for decorating the environment.

Several themes can be found for baby shower decor, being chosen according to the taste of the mother. The ideal is to bet on the simplest models, as they are more delicate and cheaper. For boys, shades of blue and green are always very welcome, for girls, pink and red are the most suitable.

Sailor decor can be an excellent choice for a baby shower. (Photo: publicity)

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baby shower decor themes

1. Themes may vary according to the mother’s preference, but some are very successful. A good tip is a mixture of pink and brown, sprinkled with polka dots for girls;

2. For boys, green and blue colors are favorite. Teddy bear, sailor and safari themes are the most sought after;

3. Personalized themes with flags, labels and stickers with the child’s name can be great options;

4. Small acrylic bottles with colorful decorations can make the decoration even more beautiful and with the baby’s face;

5. For girls, pink decorations with teddy bears and dolls are always welcome. The ornaments can be made in many ways, the ideal is to use your creativity;

6. Flower and balloon decorations can also be used for girls. It provides a lot of delicacy and sophistication to the environment.

baby shower decor pictures

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Baby shower decorations can be done in many ways and in different themes. The ideal is to give preference to the one that most pleases the expectant mother. Bet on the pink and blue colors, as they are the most suitable for girls and boys. Leave yours cute baby shower with decoration themes suggested.

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