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Baby Shower Decor, Photos

Know all about baby shower decor pictures and tips for organizing an unforgettable party. This event, which usually takes place between the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy, aims to collect items for the trousseau and also celebrate the approach of the birth.

Decoration for Baby Shower, Photos. (Photo: Disclosure)

Organizing a baby shower for the mother-to-be is an excellent idea. At this event, it is possible to gather friends, play fun games and win lots of gifts. The expectant mother usually has the help of the baby’s mother, sister and godmother to organize this small get-together.

Several factors should be addressed in the list of preparations for the baby shower, such as the guest list, the menu, the list of gifts and the list of games. Another item considered very important is the decoration, which needs to be in accordance with the proposal of the event.

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Baby Shower Decor, Photos

Decoration should be light and delicate. (Photo: Disclosure)

No shortage of creative ideas baby shower decor pictures🇧🇷 Check out some inspirational tips and images below:


Choosing a theme is a way to make the tea decor look more childish and creative. There are many options for boys and girls, who seek inspiration in cartoons, characters and even colors. Among the most recurrent themes, it is worth highlighting: Little Prince, Teddy Bear, Ballerina, Dolls, Owl, Little Lambs, Farm, Little Bird, Kites and Safari.

Girl baby shower decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

Boy baby shower decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

A beautiful decoration for a baby shower. (Photo: Disclosure)


A very used item in baby shower decoration is the clothesline. This element is hung at the bottom of the main table, containing bodysuits, overalls and other items of clothing for the child. Remember to seek harmony between the colors for the decoration to look beautiful.

A beautiful clothesline with clothes in the decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)


Balloons cannot be left out of the baby shower decor. They can be used to make a beautiful arch or they can also “float” in the environment to make the party look more relaxed. Hang some helium gas balloons near the main table and the result will be incredible.

Decoration balloons. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Diaper cake

The main table of the baby shower has the diaper cake as its highlight. This adornment is nothing more than a set of rolled diapers, which are arranged in three tiers to resemble a cake. It is common to decorate it with satin ribbons, teddy bears, shoes, flowers, among other items related to the baby.

Diaper cakes for girls. (Photo: Disclosure)

Diaper cakes for boys. (Photo: Disclosure)


Take care in decorating the sweets that adorn the main table. When confectionery, it is worth valuing elements that resemble the baby, such as shoes, pacifier, bottle, stroller and diapers.

Diapers to decorate the table. (Photo: Disclosure)

Sweets made for baby shower. (Photo: Disclosure)

Sweets help compose the main table. (Photo: Disclosure)

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