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baby room wallpaper

Check out ideas from baby room wallpaperđŸ‡§đŸ‡· Wallpapers are increasingly used in decoration due to their many advantages such as cost-effectiveness, as even though they are more expensive than paint, they last three times longer. Its cleaning is easy and can be done with soap and water and the application can be done by anyone, although there are stores that offer the application by people who already have the technique. nowadays the baby room wallpapers are found in different textures, colors and designs. The ideal is to focus on a theme and let your imagination flow.

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Wallpaper for the baby’s room – The wallpaper is a great decoration idea for your baby’s room (Photo: Disclosure)

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baby room wallpaper

To use baby room wallpaper it’s a great idea because, in addition to the advantages already mentioned, the application of the paper is done in a clean way, it doesn’t leave odors because it’s made with water-based glue and, in addition, the environment is decorated, harmonious and cozy. In addition, it customizes the room where it is applied, making it individual and unique, in harmony with the space, furniture and accessories. check out baby room wallpaper tipsđŸ‡§đŸ‡·

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Let your creativity flow and invest in a playful decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

  • You need to keep in mind how long you will keep the wallpaper installed in the nursery because this technique lasts a long time and has a higher price than paint. If you only want to keep the wallpaper for a short time, it might not be worth it.
  • Don’t forget that babies grow fast and decor may have to change as they age. You can opt for a more “neutral” wallpaper that will accompany your child at various ages.
  • At the time to plan your baby’s room think first about the wallpaper, to make it easier to match the furniture and also easier to decorate so you don’t have to drag the furniture around.

There are several models of wallpaper on the market for both girls and boys (Photo: Disclosure)

  • THE amount of wallpaper which will be used is very important as the average roll by default is 10m x 0.53m and covers 5.00mÂČ of wall and depending on the size of the room the result can be expensive.
  • It is recommended to buy more because depending on the size of the wallpaper figures, each strip that is placed will have to be cut a little to stay in the same alignment and give continuity to the design. If it is striped, the margin that will be cut is very little. If it’s just a solid color you won’t have a problem with it.

You can decorate with three wallpapers, the bottom part, the top color and this divider that is also an adhesive (Photo: Disclosure)

  • It is recommended by professionals to use a satin wallpaper (rubberized). It has the advantage of not accumulating dust, contributing to the baby’s health and cleaning the environment. O baby room wallpaper it’s not recommended for the same reason that it’s unhealthy to keep a few stuffed animals around. Despite being cute, they collect a lot of dust and your baby’s health is definitely more important.

baby room wallpaper photos

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Now that you’ve checked out tips when usingr wallpaper for baby roomsee a photo gallery of baby room with beautiful wallpapers:

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