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Baby Pooh bear birthday decoration

Baby Pooh bear birthday decoration – Invented by the English writer Alan Alexander Milne, Winnie the Pooh, whose original name is “Winnie the Pooh”, in English, is a bear that lives in the Hundred Acre Wood and has several friends such as Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Dog , Guru and Yo. The rights to the characters are currently with Disney World, which has already released short films and films about the teddy bear’s history. Among children, the character is successful and can even be chosen as a theme for a children’s party.

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Pooh-themed decoration in blue and green (Photo: publicity)

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Baby Pooh bear birthday decoration

For a themed decoration for children’s parties, you should think about the details as they will make all the difference. In a birthday party with Baby Pooh bear decorin addition to dolls of the “baby” characters, classic pieces from Pooh’s drawings cannot be missing, for example, accessories that imitate the pot of honey, which is one of the teddy bear’s favorite foods.

How to Decorate a Baby Pooh Bear Themed Birthday Party

For Decorate a Pooh Baby themed birthday party you will need items with character prints such as napkins, hats, plates, cups, surprise boxes and candles. The invitation can also have the character as a theme. Among the colors used for table ruffles and bladders are orange, blue, yellow, red and green.

Details of the Winnie the Pooh decoration (Photo: publicity)

to buy the Pooh bear birthday party supplies you don’t even have to leave the house. Several stores sell products for children’s parties online and your purchases can even be paid in installments using your credit card. Through online stores, it is easier to search for prices and compare the best offer so you don’t have to spend a lot when decorating.

Patati Patata birthday decoration

Pooh-themed children’s party

Where to buy children’s party decorations

Between the online stores that sell items for Pooh bear birthday party is the express party which brings kits and various products for events with this theme. In addition to buying online, customers can also use the Telesales service to purchase their products by calling (11) 3864-7056. Another option is Magazine 25, which has promotions for various items for children’s parties with a Pooh theme. To buy, just access the website or contact Televendas at number (11) 3227-3194.

Check out in the video below a beautiful decoration made with the theme Winnie the Pooh:

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