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Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2023: 5 prophecies that could come true

Baba Vanga’s predictions They have been one of the most anticipated for years after their followers claimed that they predicted the attacks of September 11, 2001 with horrifying accuracy. Now it has been revealed what the so-called “Nostradamus of the Balkans” prophesied for 2023.

The famous seer died more than two decades ago at the age of 84, but left a legacy of prophecies which, according to what is said, are the result of a gift that arose in her after having suffered an accident that left her blind when she was just a child.

His legend began in his native Macedonia when he launched his local predictions, over time and given the accuracy of his prophecies, he transcended borders. According to The Sun review, in World War II they lined up to find out what she predicted about it and in 1966 the Bulgarian government included her on her payroll “because of her psychic abilities”.

It should be noted that the seer did not leave any writing with her prophecies, but her sayings were heard by her followers, and like Nostradamus, these visions are subject to interpretations.

What did the famous Baba Vanga predict for 2023? These are the 5 most impressive prophecies of the seer and that could be fulfilled.

1. Earth’s orbit will change

It is one of Baba Vanga’s most popular prophecies for the year that has just begun. He says that somehow the Earth’s orbit will “change”, however it is not clear how this could occur. If fulfilled, our planet would enter a series of natural devastations that will change the world as we know it today.

2. A solar tsunami is coming

With solar tsunami the prophet refers to a great solar eruption never seen before. These phenomena are bursts of energy and solar radiation that can cause disturbances in the Earth’s electromagnetic field and cause massive blackouts and communications failures.

3. Launch of a deadly biological weapon

The “Nostradamus of the Balkans” prophesied that “a great country” will carry out biological weapons research on people and hundreds of thousands of people could die as a result of these experiments.

4. A nuclear plant will explode

Baba Vanga warned that a nuclear power plant will explode and trigger a Chernobyl-like catastrophe. Many say that this is the most realistic prophecy due to fears of the war that is currently taking place on Ukrainian soil.

5. End of deliveries

An ominous prediction by Baba Vanga says that births will be banned and all people will grow up in a laboratory. Politically powerful people will be the ones who will decide what kind of people are born. Without a doubt, one of the most extravagant prophecies.

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