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AWS proposes to save the planet with serverless technology • ENTER.CO

Increasingly, large technology companies are concerned about the environment. AWS recently proposed that new technologies should be serverless in order to save the planet. This company proposal plans to be implemented soon in several of its services.

Martin Beeby, a leading advocate for AWS developers, argued in a ZDNET.com note that serverless technology has many positive economic and environmental impacts. He said that this possibility should begin to be considered seriously. Beeby specifically referred to the company’s production line of custom computer chips as “Titanium,” “Inferentia,” and “Graviton.” The latter are designed to speed up workloads. The third generation of “Graviton” chips has demonstrated favorable performance and cost savings results for Amazon Web Services customers. On the other hand, Beeby invited developers to use AWS Lambda because with this technology it is possible to save costs because it is a more efficient infrastructure in terms of energy.

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Serverless technology works as a form of stateless microservice computing, so it can handle individual requests for resources without the overhead of a server instance. This can save on computing power and costs. Currently, Graviton3 does not yet offer serverless technology, instead running AWS serverless workloads on Graviton2. AWS is expected to make new types of workloads like serverless available over time with new chip offerings, so at some point Graviton3 will support serverless. Martin Beeby’s remarks came amid the launch of AWS Cloud WAN, a cloud that enables an enterprise to run programs as a combination of AWS Availability Zones.

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