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Avoid fogging in the car in winter – with the help of a pair of tights

During the winter months, it is common for the car windows to fog up again, something that is a source of irritation for many. But with this simple trick, you will avoid the problem for good!

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Frosted window panes are never fun, but there is a trick that is both simple and convenient to overcome the problem.

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According to Daily Record you can avoid fogging in the car with the help of a pair of tights and cat litter. The somewhat unorthodox trick involves simply pouring cat litter into the tights, tying them together so the sand doesn’t run out, and then placing them by the windshield. The cat litter acts as a moisture collector, so replace the litter at regular intervals.

Car expert Mike Thompson also advises on another factor that plays a major role in the car’s air humidity:

“Keep the car windows clean to prevent moisture from sticking to the dirt on the panes,” he says, adding:

“Avoid leaving wet items in the car, such as wet umbrellas and jackets, as they contribute to increasing humidity.”

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