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Average value of the Brazil Aid must be R$ 300

According to government confirmation, the average value of the Brazil Aid will be R$ 300.00. Still in the words of the government, these payments will be able to serve about 17 million Brazilian families.

The IOF, which avoids restrictions imposed by electoral laws, defined the value of the Brazil Aid, that is, in addition to the government confirming the amount paid and the people who will receive it, the value will be higher than that of the Bolsa Família.

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Brazil Aid and the political interest

It is an election year, and that means that it is not just the president of the republic who is totally interested in the Auxílio Brasil, which will replace the Bolsa Família. Deputies feel a strong interest in making an improvement in the economy so that it does not jeopardize their future chances for possible re-elections. It is still possible that the Legislature takes on the banner of the new program, even if in a messy way.

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As in 2021, the budget for 2022 is practically eroded by inflation. And according to Klein, the precatório of R$ 89.1 billion does not even need to come out of Bolsa Família itself, since the problem has already become too complex to be solved, in a way that the spending ceiling of any manner.

However, it was possible to reach a break in the budget in the amount of R$ 32 million, through the calculations of Tendências. At the moment, the gap itself is somewhere around R$12 billion.

End of Emergency Aid

Still without a solution, some politicians began to pressure others on behalf of the poorest people, who do not even have the Bolsa Familia and will not have any type of income after the end of the Emergency Aid. Therefore, it will be necessary to find a way to support the 25 million Brazilians who still receive the Aid.

The future consequences of ending the emergency program will be astronomical if the government does not think of something as soon as possible. The pandemic may be coming to an end here in Brazil, but not for these families. The government needs to look for a solution as soon as possible that will help these people not to suffer for another year, not knowing what to do or who to turn to.

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