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Average ticket: how to calculate?

Do you have any idea what the average ticket is and how it is calculated? In the business world, it is essential to measure all results taking into account the performance indicators that are known as KPIs.

Among all the KPIs, the average ticket is involved. It is used to monitor the financial health of a company to understand how consumers are behaving.

However, some companies do not take this issue into account and do not monitor this type of indicator. In this way, the company is harmed, in addition to the real vision that businessmen have for the true results that the company obtains. This includes the performance of the marketing and sales team.

In this content, you will see how to calculate the average ticket, how to increase it in your company and much more. Keep reading to check it all out!

What this article covers:

What is the average ticket?

The average ticket means average sales value over a period. That is, the actual value obtained for a given time. The average ticket is basically an indicator of a company’s sales performance, also showing how much the sales team has closed profitable deals for the company.

Overall, the average ticket can be calculated very simply. Just determine the month or period, identify all the sales that were made in this period of time and how much was billed. The numbers lead to the final calculation.

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You will calculate monthly billing with the amount of sales that were made in the month.

The final value means whether or not sellers managed to close profitable deals during the stipulated month, week or period. It is also possible to calculate the average ticket to make more specific analyses.

What affects the average ticket?

The average ticket is the representation of the average amount spent on orders. This means that the higher the value of an asset (product or service), the more customers are buying and placing more and more orders.

What affects the average ticket?
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It is basically what indicates the behavior of customers with the company, as well as showing the satisfaction they have with the company. What most affects the average ticket is the company’s lack of interest in understanding customers.

How to increase the average ticket?

Check below some tips to increase the average ticket. Taking these issues into account, you can increase the average value in a short time.

  1. Make promotions in some periods of the month or special dates (Christmas, Valentine’s Day and others);
  2. Make flash offers;
  3. Organize the shelves well;
  4. Keep the place always clean;
  5. Make combos with products;
  6. Try to retain customers;
  7. Always provide good service;
  8. Always keep the good environment.

These tips need to be taken seriously to increase company sales. It is important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to get an idea of ​​how they would like to be served, where they would like to buy clothes or food, which they will consume during the month or week.

What is the difference between average ticket and average value per customer?

The average ticket is the average amount that customers buy at a given location. This value can be calculated taking into account the sum of the sales billing for the month, week or period you want divided by the number of customers who purchased.

Thus, you understood more about the average ticket, and especially how to calculate it. So, if you don’t have this custom or haven’t applied it to your business yet, try to insert it soon, so that you have greater control of sales and, of course, increase your profit.

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