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Autumn equinox 2022: 4 signs of the zodiac will be able to balance your life

The astrological moment of the autumn equinox, which we will experience this Thursday, September 22, will encourage 4 signs to balance their life in a better way. Although everyone in the Zodiac will have the same opportunities to balance the aspects that require it, the energy of this astronomical event will be more powerful for them.

With the change of season, not only do the days begin to be shorter and the nights longer, we also give way to the cycle of Libra, the sign of the scales and which, precisely, is in charge of balancing things. Also, autumn marks the beginning of the harvest season so it helps us spiritually to be grateful for what we enjoy in spring and summer.

Metaphorically, we remember the seeds that we planted in the last spring equinox, which represent the desires and goals, and we review the fruits that they gave, that is, the objectives that we materialized. This was explained by astrologers in a Well and Good review, who added that this energy becomes stronger in 2022 because it coincides with Mercury retrograde.

So they predicted that Aries, Cancer, Leo and Libra will be the zodiac signs that will feel the effects of the autumn equinox the most and so they will manifest it in their lives.

The fall equinox will be a good time to reassess the role of your social relationships. Libra’s energy will lead him to prioritize independence from him or take back the parts of himself that he had given away to others. While he may desire passion and adventure, he should wait for the changes to materialize, the astrologers recommended.

As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, you will feel more strongly the change of season and the consequent spiritual vibe of Libra. You will understand that you cannot carry other people’s burdens, unnecessary suffering that prevents you from moving forward. It will be the perfect time to evaluate which emotions do not allow you to act, release them and heal them.

You may feel tension in your life because you’ll have the notion that you’re drifting away from your passions, but this may help you focus on your needs and respect other people’s autonomy. If you can focus on what really matters to you, you will be able to achieve the balance you are looking for.

With the beginning of their season, Libra will position itself in the center of attention. It will be a great opportunity to focus on her personal desires and priorities instead of trying to please others. She will realize that people influenced the way she pursued her goals and put aside what worked best for this sign.

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