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Automatically import music to iTunes

The same software developer who created the iTunes Playlist Exporter app has created another useful third-party tool for Apple’s iTunes media manager.

The software program is called iWatchSyncer; its main purpose is to monitor a folder on the local hard drive for new music and to sync any new songs it finds with the iTunes software.

The usefulness largely depends on how you acquire new music. This can be very useful if you rip CDs or buy digital copies from third-party stores, as you may need iTunes to index new tracks. If you buy music only from iTunes, you don’t need the software.

To updateNote: Apple introduced a folder viewing option in iTunes 9. A program like iWatchSyncer is no longer required for this. Instructions on how to set up folder display in iTunes directly are available on Apple’s support page.


import music from itunes

The software has been designed to be foolproof. All the user needs to do is choose a folder on the computer system that should be monitored for new music files.

The only other option available is to select a playlist to create or expand with the music found in the supervised directory. However, this is an optional step and is not required for the music import to work properly. The software will check the folder for new music periodically and automatically add it to iTunes whenever new music is discovered in that folder on the drive. It seems that the interval is set to 1 minute, since the music that is moved to the folder is quickly added to iTunes all the time.

The program must be running in the background for this to work properly. It uses quite a bit of computer memory (34 Megabytes on a Windows XP test system) which could become memory hungry for some computer systems. However, it might be worth a try for users who regularly add music to a specific folder and its subfolders on a computer system. Music is also added to iTunes regularly.

To updateNote: iWatchSyncer hasn’t been updated since 2009, which may be an indicator that the program is no longer compatible with the latest version of iTunes. The program is not really needed anymore since the release of iTunes 9. Apple has integrated an “automatically add to iTunes” folder in the app that you can use to automatically add music to the program.

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