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automate expense management and stop saving invoices

One of the challenges that companies face during business trips of its employees is expense management of food, transportation and accommodation for these professionals.

When these expenses are handled manually, we tend to accumulate a multitude of paper receipts and invoices to be accounted for by hand?? This also implies having to keep the invoices for 10 years afterwards.

Performing these tasks manually represents an investment of time and resources considerable, in addition to the risk of make mistakes during data entry. With the use of expense management software, all of this is perfectly avoidable.

THE tickelia is an App solution of travel expense management which scans receipts and invoices resulting from payments to restaurants, hotels, transport or tolls. The Tickelia automates the payment process, reportapproval, accounting and settlement of these expenses.

Tickelia software is used in companies from all over the worldwith a particularly important presence in Europe, more specifically in Iberian Peninsula??

To report an expense to Tickelia, just take a photo of the proof with your Smartphone. From this simple gesture, the solution captures the relevant fields of the invoice or receipt with the OCR/ICR technology?? Counts the expense, associating it with a project or cost center. From the moment the photo is taken, it is no longer necessary to keep the paper invoice. In addition, the expense report is generated automatically, so that the employee does not have to waste time with these bureaucratic tasks.

From the application’s Back Office, administrators can establish multi-level approval flowsbased on several variables to ensure compliance with the company’s expense policy. The configuration is quite intuitive.

Eliminate paper invoices and supporting documents

O Decree-Law 28/2019, which was published to promote electronic invoicing in Portugal. Allows scanning of invoices and receipts. The scanned invoice and its file have full legal validity?? This means, after scanning the document, the paper original can be destroyed.

Tickelia’s software complies with the requirements of the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority so that invoices scanned with this solution can be archived without having to keep paper receipts.

In addition, this technological solution also includes the possibility of using the Visa Card Tickelia, which allows you to pay corporate expenses. When paying with this card, bank reconciliation is instantaneous.

The most important advantage of Tickelia Visa cards is the possibility of being configured depending on who uses them. We can place restrictions: they allow you to set limits based on the amount, the days or times when an expense can be made or even depending on the type of purchase made.

Likewise, the Smart AutoBlock function allows automatic card blocking in case of misusepreventing internal fraud in companies.

In short, Tickelia simplifies the management of travel and expense reports to make it less of a problem for businesses.

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